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Editor'S Choice - 2020

Forex Simulator - An Advanced Tester for Manual Strategies

To correctly apply the trading system in manual trading, a trader needs to train a lot: open and close transactions, read signals.

In addition to direct or indirect losses, the most valuable resource is lost in the learning process - time, which depends on the time frame of the trading system. Fortunately, there are trading simulators on history that allow you to gain trading experience, say a year, in just a couple of hours. In the mode of such a training, you can see the pros and cons of the strategy, make adjustments, “get your hand” in the search for signals, pick up money management.

We have already analyzed a lot of options for testers for manual vehicles (see the full list at the end of the article), but each has its pros and cons, which does not allow us to highlight some ideal option. Today we have another great tester in our review - Forex simulator. Among its bright advantages stand out: compatibility with custom MT4 indicators, the ability to rewind time during the test and multi-timeframes. Previously, such opportunities were only in paid options.

Forex Simulator - features and benefits of the program

Forex Simulator is an application installed on the Metatrader platform, working in additional windows using a quotes archive and all available technical analysis tools. That is, a trader can apply any configuration of the workspace that is completely identical to real trading.

  • Session modeling takes place in various speed modes, which allows you to "scroll" inactive trading areas, highlighting only the moments of signal formation. A trader will be able to practice in real time on pre-selected historical segments, moreover, if the entry is unsuccessful (error), the simulation can be rewound, passing over and over to hone skills to automatism;
  • The simulator supports the ability to test strategies combined over time, for example, using the Elder three-screen method. A trader can launch in “real time” three windows (and more) with different candlestick timeframes that will change synchronously, with a given speed scale;
  • The user can specify non-standard time ranges: M2, H2, etc., or use Renko candles, which greatly expands the strategic capabilities of Metatrader;
  • Forex Simulator is connected to the servers of major liquidity providers for Forex brokers - Dukascopy and TrueFX. This allows the application user to download historical quotes of currency pairs, which can be considered the standard. The obtained data can be used both for training and testing, and for comparing them with the course values ​​on the charts of the serving broker. Download accuracy - up to the tick of a single transaction;
  • The completeness of immersion in reality will add the presence of a synchronized calendar with any segment of historical trading. The trader will no longer need to remember why a huge candle appeared in February 2008 or remember “how it was” on the day of the announcement of the cancellation of the Swiss franc to the euro, etc.

  • A trader can use the simulator in tester mode, using fast-forward for fast bidding, and the reverse for manual strategy optimization. The application’s functionality allows you to save the current simulation to a file, together with open positions and the results obtained on the trading history.
  • Despite the emphasis on the use of the simulator for "manual trading", Forex-Simulator supports the automation of orders, stop losses, take profit, as well as tracking predefined risk management parameters.
  • At any time, the trader can access detailed statistics of trading results in the form of a detailed analysis of profit and loss, which can be made in the form of EXCEL tables or HTML reports.
  • Graphs and windows of Forex-Simulator can work offline, so a trader can test or practice at any convenient place and time, without the necessary conditions for the markets or connecting to the Internet.

Install Forex Simulator

Pay special attention - Forex-Simulator only works on the Metatrader 4 platform in the Windows operating system!

application Requires Microsoft.NET Framework 4.5 Pre-installed and the availability of 4 GB of RAM, as well as free disk space for downloading historical data.

The program is installed as an Advisor in the MQL4 folder, the Experts subdirectory, through the File menu - the option "Open Data Catalog".

The path to the data directory must contain only latin letters. The problem may occur if the username on the computer is specified in Cyrillic. In this case, a request will appear in the Advisor window to contact technical support, despite the fact that the Logs of the Journal will show a successful start of the application.

The situation can be resolved in two ways:

  • Create an additional account;

  • Renaming a folder in the Users directory.

The latter option is more complicated, since you will have to rename an existing folder, which is possible only after the transfer of administrator rights to a new account.

After copying the ForexSimulator.Ex4 file to the Experts folder, restart Metatrader 4 and enable the import of the DLL in the "Settings" option through the "Tools" menu item on the "Expert Advisors" tab.

If the file is copied correctly, the user will see Forex-Simulator in the "Navigator" window of the Metatrader 4 trading terminal:

The application is launched on the currency pair selected for simulation of trades by capturing and dragging the Expert Advisor from the "Navigator" window in the field of a previously opened chart.

Please note that starting Forex-Simulator will delete all indicators and graphical objects on the chart of the instrument, so use a new, specially open window without templates.

Indicators and templates can only be added during the bidding simulation.

Setting up Forex Simulator

In the window that appears after dragging and dropping the Expert Advisor, select the "Input Settings" tab, enter an arbitrary (any) email address, any activation code, and click OK.

In the settings window, the user can set the mode of transactions at the "best price" - "Always_On_Top", by default it is set to false, so that trade orders open according to market conditions.

The Buy-Sell Buttons Order parameter determines the order in which the Buy-Sell buttons are located in a trading order. By default, the BUY FIRST parameter specifies the location of the Buy button on the left and the Sale button on the right.

If the above steps for installing the simulator were correct, a notification window will open about connecting to a trader account.

This view of the main window will subsequently occur with each new launch of Forex Simulator, offering the user:

  • Start a new simulation - New simulation;
  • Download existing files to continue your workout - Load simulation;
  • Download data from the Dukascopy broker archive.

The initial launch will require the mandatory loading of historical quotes.

Download historical quote data using Data Center

Click the Data Center option to use the window for downloading historical quotes from Metatrader servers:

The table that appears shows the currency pairs with an available data archive, the download of which will begin after clicking the “Download” option in the folder selected by the user through the Change function. In the lower part there is a link to download the calendar with the readings of economic indicators, synchronized with the dates of the available quotes history.

The user independently selects the time period of the downloaded data (in years), can interrupt and update the download.

Downloading historical quotes data using the archive in Metatrader 4

Before starting the simulation on historical Metatrader 4 quotes, download the current and complete database using the broker's server archive. To call the corresponding settings window that controls the download, press F2 or find the option “Archive of quotes” in the “Tools” menu.

Select the currency pair you are going to simulate and download the minute trading history. Forex-Simulator is able to independently collect candles of any timeframe.

After downloading the archive, restart the terminal, open the chart of the currency pair that you intend to test by selecting the desired timeframe and scrolling the quotes history all the way to the left. The task of the trader is to start the simulator from the first candle of the downloaded quotes archive, so do not forget to cancel the bindings, otherwise the chart will return to the current day with a new tick of the price.

Launch the Expert Advisor and select "New Simulation" in the window that opens - then start setting the basic conditions for the test / training:

  • Provider - select a data provider, in our case it is Metatrader;
  • Instrument - automatically determined by the selected chart;
  • Timeframe - corresponds to the one selected on the chart.

In the notes, the Advisor will indicate the duration of the received historical segment.

In the next block, the trader chooses:

  • The calendar start of the simulation, taking into account the above period of the loaded and processed history. Optionally, you can trim the run section, which will default to the current date;
  • Deposit currency;
  • The size of the balance.

By default, the simulator allows you to go back - "rewinding history" (Rewinging alowed).

The third, last block clarifies:

  • The pip size associated with the bit depth of quotes is four or five-digit (set automatically);
  • Lot size, it is usually standard - 100,000 units of the base currency;
  • Shoulder used;
  • Spread (by default, the actual value from the "Market Watch" table is automatically set);
  • The size of the rewind to return and re-run any section is indicated in days.

After the parameters are set, click "Start Simulation" to start.

Forex Simulator Advisor Mode

Please note that prior to bidding simulations, you should prepare and download historical data (Metatrader, Dukascopy and TrueFX). The work of the trading simulator in Metatrader does not require the launch of the “Tester” application!

Open a new chart of the currency pair on which you are going to conduct a simulation of trading, set the necessary timeframe. Drag the Forex-Simulator Advisor from the Navigator window, in the settings window that opens, click "OK" without entering a password and activation code if these steps were taken earlier and a connection was established with the account.

In the window that appears, select "New Simulation" or upload the file "Load Simulation" to continue training and fill out the table of initial parameters discussed above.

Press start to start the trading simulation, and then decide on the accuracy of candlestick modeling, choosing from two options:

  • A complete model based on the information received about all ticks;
  • Candles built at open, close, high and low prices.

After the history is generated and the start is pressed, a trading order window will appear with the functions for controlling the trading simulation process:

The simulation starts in pause mode so that the trader can set up the basic training conditions:

  • Visual Mode - set the lot size and set (if necessary) stop loss and take profit - the distance is determined in pips (1);
  • Templates - use templates of previously saved risk management settings or create new ones;

  • Trades - an analog of the Metatrader terminal, showing open, closed and pending orders;

  • News - the function of calling the calendar of economic events, historically synchronized with the current simulation period;
  • Charts - setting the timeframe of the chart.

On the left (2) is the control unit for the types of trade orders:

  • Market - sale (sell), purchase (buy) at the current market price with the ability to cancel or close all current transactions;
  • Pending - placing pending orders of the type limit and stop at a distance of "Distance" specified by the user in pips (from the current price), with the ability to delete the last order or cancel all existing orders;

  • Presets - automatic setup of: comments on the order, trailing stop and cancellation conditions for the pending order;

  • Account - current trading results: profit, loss, balance on the account;

  • Save - a block of functions for recording the current simulation results, exporting a trading report and a window for monitoring the set training parameters (pip size, leverage, spread, etc.).

Launch and control the speed and types of simulation Forex Simulator

Press the “Chart” option, in the settings window that opens (1), set the number of timeframes (2) (candles, bars) necessary for training, generate the time series values ​​using the “Add” button (3). After line (4) appears, click “Open”.

Close the chart window and press the play key (1) to remove the simulation from pause, pressing it again will stop the candle modeling by pause.

The option located next to playback (2) helps set pause conditions:

  • On triggering stop loss;
  • When setting a pending application;
  • Upon reaching the set price level.

The unit for regulating the speed of candle formation allows you to accelerate the simulation of the slider to the right or to play the session on a real trading scale.

If a trader has missed an event or wants to repeat the same moment of the session several times, this can be done using the rewind block (4).

In the chart window of the Forex-Simulator application, the user can use the familiar Metatrader functions - add indicators, templates, draw and conduct graphical analysis using the toolbars or an additional menu using the right mouse button:

The Forex-Simulator Advisor supports the simultaneous, synchronized work of charts of a currency pair with a different time format and type of time frames:

Display and analysis of transactions in the Forex Simulator

Current trades and pending orders are displayed in a window called through the Trades function. In the upper field of the window the total number of orders in the market (Market) and pending orders (Pending) is indicated. You can track and adjust positions on the Market & Pending tab, a one-touch close is available to the trader.

  • Closing a specific order (2);
  • Delete / close all orders - current and pending (3);
  • Fixing transactions with current profit / loss.

A trader can use filters to show / hide market / pending orders, show profit in points or account currency.

The columns of the table allow you to automate trading, set a trailing stop, as well as modify open and pending orders.

The history of closed transactions is located on the "History" tab, the execution and closing of transactions is fixed in time, the type of application (deferred / by market) and the result (profit / loss) are indicated.

The statistics tab contains a detailed report on the indicators of expectation, maximum and absolute drawdown, registers the spread for accounts with a floating spread. The parameter values ​​are explained in the comment lines accompanying each digit.

The program automatically builds a graphical display of Equity and deposit on a graph (Graph):

You can save the simulation and statistics in the Save block, the functionality of which was described above.


In addition to the obvious advantages over demo trading (return in time, increased scroll speed, trading in extreme areas) Forex Simulator provides the possibility of multi-threaded optimization, which gives an answer about the scalability of the strategy on different timeframes in one run.

Also, the trader can understand how convenient Renko bars are or how non-standard timeframes affect the chosen strategies.

P.S. A big request - read ATTENTIVELY the order and nuances of the installation before writing in the comments that nothing works.

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