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RoboX Investment Service Overview

The selection of strategies for a portfolio is an interesting and even exciting task for someone, especially if you have the necessary knowledge. But what if you have very little time or you are still a beginner, and the whole process turns into a routine scrolling through dozens of monitoring pages of managers with an uncertain result? The RoboX service will help you with this, which we will analyze in detail in today's material.

RoboX service is an investment in a complex system of thousands of automated strategies. That is, real traders do not participate in the trading process, and strategy portfolios are collected according to the calculated indicators of their effectiveness, using a special algorithm.

What problems does RoboX try to solve?

The developers of one of the most popular signaling services Mirror Trader claim that the idea of ​​social trading has exhausted itself. Analyzing more than a million unique strategies on their own platform, they came to the conclusion that the effectiveness of the “follow the leader” model does not justify itself in the long term.

RoboX service developers point out four key points that traditional social trading does not solve or does not fully solve:

  1. Lack of information - lack of critical information prevents you from making informed trading decisions;
  2. The time factor - when exactly you need to connect to a trader / strategy, and when you need to withdraw money from a loss-making provider - there are constant debates on forums about this, as a result of which various “advanced” investment tactics appear;
  3. Quality - any strategy should show good results over a sufficiently long period of time;
  4. Quantity - at the moment, the results of each investor individually sometimes differ dramatically, as the service is unable to provide equal quality services to absolutely all customers.

Despite the fact that individual strategies occasionally show performance peaks, it is not possible to identify growth periods in advance in advance. It turns out that since none of the strategies can take into account all trading factors and market conditions, on average, we have 50% of successful forecasts over a long period of time.

Another problem is the correct assessment of the effectiveness of the strategy. For example, the percentage of winning trades does not show a clear picture of reality. In fact, it is extremely important that the ratio of the average profitable trade to the average unprofitable trade, that even with less than 50% of winning trades gives a quite acceptable result. In this regard, Tradency promote a new approach, where the accounting of different trading indicators and switching between different strategies occur automatically.

RoboX service is, in fact, an automatic designer of an investment portfolio. That is, this is some layer between you and real systems. You set your preferred trading risks, and the system automatically selects strategies, creating a balanced portfolio.

Principle of operation

Although the exact logic is not disclosed, the service is more advanced than it might seem at first glance. RoboX's abstract work model is based on several key concepts.

It all starts with a base of trading strategies

Currently, Tradency’s automatic strategy database has more than 1 million units, generating 100,000 signals daily. All these are real strategies trading on the market, whose indicators are recorded and analyzed. Next, for each strategy, more than 20 key performance indicators are calculated. Based on this information, portfolios of strategies with their unique characteristics are created.

Portfolio Packing

The main task of a portfolio packer is to analyze millions of predefined metrics and create portfolios that match specific characteristics.

Each portfolio has a set of the following parameters:

  • Source - a specific market, group of assets or a specific trading instrument;
  • Size - the number of strategies in the portfolio (from 1 to 7);
  • Schedule - how often the portfolio is updated. For example, daily or several times a week. As a result, a new portfolio with a unique index is formed. Already connected portfolios are not affected;
  • Performance indicators - each portfolio has unique performance indicators: earnings in points, profit and loss in currency, maximum drawdown, average profitable and unprofitable transaction, percentage of winning transactions, proprietary T-Score parameter and so on. Indicators are calculated on 10 different time frames: week, 14 days, month, 2 months, 90 days, half a year, 270 days, a year, 2 years and from the very beginning of the strategy.

The total number of analyzed portfolios is very large. For real trading, the best of them are selected, and from time to time this list may change. Portfolios are selected according to their characteristics based on the questionnaire completed by the investor. First of all, the profitability and risks of the portfolio are taken into account. The proprietary algorithm is responsible for the selection.

Naturally, the same effect can be achieved by forming a portfolio on your own, but this will definitely require more than a couple of clicks. This is the main essence of the service - in full automation. From you only need to make a deposit and indicate the desired risks. In this case, you can choose not one portfolio, but create a portfolio of portfolios in order to further stabilize the schedule.

Beginning of work

You must first have a registered account with AMarkets. To do this, follow the link and at the very bottom of the page click “Open RoboX Account”. Or go to the menu “Trading” - “MT4 Platform” - “Open a Trading Account”. You just need to fill out a small registration form and click “Open a trading account”.

Now you have a trading account, it remains to synchronize it with the RoboX service.

Go to your personal account - “RoboX” and click “Enter the platform”.

The first time you need to select the option “Still not an account?”.

Next, select “Have a trading account” and enter your data. To complete, click “Register".

Cabinet RoboX

At first, you will not have active portfolios. To add a portfolio, click “Find Portfolios”.

On this page you can customize your desired risk and profitability strategies.

The system will display profitability charts (for the last 6 months) that are suitable for the described characteristics of the portfolios.

In the drop-down menu you can see detailed information about each portfolio individually. In particular, you can find out traded symbols, current and past signals, the total number of included strategies and deals.

Mark the portfolios you like and click “Choose portfolios”.

In the dialog that appears, it is possible to edit the share of an individual portfolio.

Keep in mind that before starting trading, you must have at least $ 1,000 in your account.

Registration demo

After linking the brokerage account to RoboX, follow this link to register a demo. Here, select the size of the starting balance and click "Select and create an account."

Now you can connect any portfolios, monitor their performance and open deals. The left side of the page displays the current results of your account, in particular, the size of the floating profit, collateral and distribution of funds by portfolio. If desired, you can manually close open positions.


Who, in fact, needs such a service? In fact, if you trust your own “algorithm” in your head and at the same time have free time, of course, you do not need such a service. I can’t say anything about the development of the RoboX algorithm, in any case, a person is still able to take into account more factors than a regular program, since the human factor still plays a big role in trading.

On the other hand, this can be a good alternative to PAMM accounts and static portfolios. The process of investing from the point of view of the investor is similar to similar services - you raise funds, and the system automatically decides where to distribute them. You don’t need to think about trading specifically, just periodically monitor the results.

In such an unobtrusive way, we are moving into an era of complete robotization and artificial intelligence. And yes, the insensitive machine will not appreciate your cries in the forums. Appreciate the PAMM-managers, there are very few of them left ...

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