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Forex Investor Digest for April

Good day, comrades PAMM-investors! The first quarter has come to an end, which means it is time to take stock of March. Let's try to figure out how PAMM-managers survived the decisions of central banks - who merged, and who, on the contrary, earned in a panic. As usual, in the review we will consider in detail all the latest news and give relevant investment recommendations.

In fact, PAMM accounts appeared not so long ago, and, strangely enough, many still have never heard of the existence of such a technology. Since investing in PAMM accounts does not require you to know all the intricacies of trading, nor does it require a lot of capital to contribute, the PAMM system has occupied a niche of private investment, which before that was simply empty. This is really the easiest way to make money work for yourself, as thousands of investors from all over the world have already seen. In this review, we will consider PAMM accounts from Alpari, Instaforex, Roboforex.

March News

At a meeting on March 10, the ECB again changed the deposit rate, now to -0.4%. The loan rate was reduced to 0%, from the previous 0.05%. A year ago, the ECB launched a large quantitative easing program, which was stagnated in the eurozone economy. The program involved the purchase of assets (private and public sector securities) in the amount of € 60 billion per month, with the aim of stimulating the growth of the eurozone economy and reducing the threat of deflation. If before this, the purchase of assets consisted mainly of government and bank bonds, then under the new program, the portfolio will also include corporate sector bonds. In addition, starting in April, the monthly repurchase volume will be increased to 80 € billion.

Contrary to forecasts, the Bank of Russia decided not to cut the key rate (I remind you that at the moment it is 11%). According to the Central Bank, a sharp decline in commodity prices, coupled with a weakening national currency, creates considerable inflationary pressures, and therefore it is expected to maintain high interest rates a little longer than planned (in December, I remind you, the Central Bank promised a reduction in three coming meetings). The Russian economy is experiencing the longest recession in the last 20 years. Gross domestic product declined by 3.7% in 2015, with a forecast for further reduction in 2016. According to official figures, consumer price growth in February was 8.1%, which is almost twice the target of 4%. Politicians are trying to reanimate one of the largest emerging markets in the world, but so far with little success.

Due to the fall in world oil prices and the growth of raw materials, the number of drilling rigs in the United States fell to a November 2009 low. Nevertheless, the market reacted positively, and by the close of the London trading session, Brent crude oil slightly grew, reaching $ 40.45 per barrel. Over the past four years, inflation in the United States has been below the target of 2%. Nevertheless, given the slowdown in the US currency, inflation above 2% is becoming more and more likely. At the same time, low interest rates are becoming a threat to financial stability. Everything would be fine if they were not so close to zero. In the event of an economic downturn, the Fed will have to resort to less proven practices, putting in place a program of quantitative easing.



FixPro - the project showed a yield of 122% over the last year, with equity of 2%. Drawdowns of up to 80% are allowed. At the moment, the manager is actively recovering losses. We recommend investing no more than 5% of the capital, given the high aggressiveness of trade.For a month + 3.8% profit. We are gradually approaching the peak of January profitability.

Grizzly - profitability for the last half year of aggressive trading is -72%, with 5% of own funds. It seems that the relatively new PAMM project does not live up to the expectations assigned to it, so we advise you to temporarily refrain from investing in this manager.For a month -56% loss. On the face of the complete incompetence of the manager. In moments, the account was literally on the verge of a drain - the result of excessive loading of the deposit. More like a lottery game, but with investor money. Excluded from review.

Moriarti - a trader conducts aggressive trading, with a yield of 852% over the past year, with own funds of 1.5%. Previously, the manager allowed drawdowns of up to 75%. We recommend investing up to 5% of capital. -2.5% for March. The last three months have been a horizontal chatter. Nevertheless, the deposit is not overloaded, and the annual yield more than pays for several months of downtime.

Trustoff - over the past year, the project showed a yield of 218%, with a percentage of equity of about 0.07%. The same manager as Moriarti. The strategy involves opening no more than one transaction per week, which allows you to prepare well for each particular entry. After a slight acceleration of the deposit, it started to grow steadily from about spring. At the moment, takes second place in the ranking of Alpari. We invest 10% of the deposit.For the month + 18.7% of profit. So far, we are seeing steady growth.

CFD USA - the profitability of this aggressive trader over the past year is 856%, with 16% of own funds. The account uses an arbitrage trading strategy. After overclocking, the account reached stable growth - it makes sense to invest for a long time. We recommend investing up to 5% of capital.For the month + 4.9% profit. Now is a good moment to contribute - after reaching $ 100,000 of investments, the manager promised to reconsider the size of positions in order to return to the previous level of profitability.

AB_Elbrus is an aggressive trader. The profitability of PAMM for the last year is 481%, with 24% of its own funds. The lack of systematic trading and drawdowns of up to 50% do not inspire confidence, but profitability indicators are normal. We invest no more than 5%.For the month + 12.6% of profit. We are still waiting for the exit from the drawdown. The annual profitability is at the level, but the payback period is quite long, as for an aggressive PAMM project.

Manul - the account is liquidated without explanation.

Samurayi - for the year, the yield was 57%. Own funds 0.5%. Trading is very tough martin which sometimes leads to both super profits and super losses. Be very careful. Investments up to 5%.For the month -16.3% loss. Judging by the messages on the forum, the manager presents the drawdown as a gift for investors - say, invest, there will be more profit. In fact, for 3 months there has been no significant movement in the account.

Crocodile - for the year, the yield was 358%. Own funds 0.9%. In mid-November 2015, the account successfully passed the acceleration phase. Trading is conducted with significant drawdowns, which is not surprising, because the same manager works here as on the Grizzly account. However, PAMM is in the top 10 Alpari ratings. We recommend investing up to 5%.For March + 2.4% profit.

Lucky Pound - for the year, the yield was 132%. Own funds 3.9%. The account is traded by a mechanical trading system. The maximum drawdown is 40%. We recommend investing up to 5% of the depot.For a month -4.3% loss.Around November we have been observing trampling on the spot. If you invest, then for a long time.

Albe - for the year of trading earned -25%, with 15% of own funds. The account has existed for more than a year, until December 2015, trading was conducted with variable success, and in December a sharp acceleration began. Trading probably allows for short stops. We recommend investing 5% of the deposit.For the month -67.8% loss. At the moment, the account is in a significant drawdown. For now, we advise you to refrain from any investment in this PAMM.

Zapad - for the year, the yield was 50%. Own funds 8.5%. In December, the score went through a serious recovery. Trading is carried out in single deals with short stops. At the moment, the account is in first place in the ranking of Alpari. We recommend investing up to 10% of the depot.In March -5.1%. Apparently, the manager went on vacation - in March, virtually no trade was conducted.

White_Rabbit - a new PAMM project in the review. Profitability for the last six months - 1690%. Manager's own funds - 6.7%. The account is manual trading. Fundamental and technical analysis is used. Technical - just in front of the entrance. The declared value of the drawdown is 40%. So far, the drawdown has not exceeded 15%. Nevertheless, given the very high load of the deposit, drawbacks are indispensable here.For the month + 16.7% of profit.


Income and Prosperity is a moderate trader. Profitability for the year - 79%, with personal funds of 5%. He was in a drawdown from March to June. Proper position management allows you to keep the drawdown level below 40%. We invest 5% of the deposit.Last month -6.7% profit. It seems that the trader incorrectly assessed the reaction of the market to the decisions of central banks - and therefore stagnation. We reduce the size of investments to 5%.

Koal is a moderate trader. Profitability for the year - -1.9%, with own funds of 9.8%. The manager's advantage is the ability to quickly exit large drawdowns, which from time to time reach a level of 30-50%. We recommend that you refrain from investing.For March -9.4% loss. The yield chart is extremely unstable and in March the situation only worsened - we remove the account from the review.

Marcus777 is a moderate trader. For six months, the profitability of PAMM is 43%, with 0.7% of the manager’s own funds. In trading, a breakdown strategy is used, based on taking profits from the main price movement. Drawdowns do not exceed 20%. We invest up to 5% of the deposit.For a month + 4.5% profit. In general, a good month for the manager.

Gemmaster - PAMM's return on investment is 160% per year. In trade, 36% of the manager’s own funds are used. The profitability growth chart indicates a conservative approach. Due to the specifics of the trading strategy, the manager strictly limits the amount of investment capital. We invest up to 5% of the deposit.For March + 34.9% of profit. A good leap forward and a month of very indicative trading.

Bag-764 - the yield for the year is 56%, with 46% of own funds. A grid scalper works on the account and, according to the manager, the strategy is time-tested. Why it was decided to open a ruble account is a mystery. There are several merged accounts in the manager’s archive, so be careful. We recommend investing up to 5% of the deposit.For the month -1.8% loss. Apparently, short take and long stop are used in trading. Given the high load on the deposit, several stops worked in a row can lead to a drawdown for a long time.

MrGold is the new PAMM project in the review. Profitability for the last year is 22%, with 2.4% of the manager’s own funds. Initially, the account used an aggressive trading strategy using Martingale methods. Subsequently, the manager switched to a less risky system. Drawdowns on the account do not exceed 25%, and since the beginning of 2015 - even less. We recommend investing 10% of the capital.For the month + 3.9% profit.

Volumetrader is a new moderate PAMM project in the review. Profitability for the last year is 10%. In trade, 15.6% of the manager’s own funds are used. Intraday trading; volume analysis on the stock exchange is used. Around the beginning of 2015, the deposit load does not exceed 5%. A good project for a long term investment.For March + 0.5% profit.

Sokol is the new PAMM in the review. Over the past six months, the yield is 57%. 69% of the trader’s own funds are used in trade. Trading is carried out in a semi-automatic mode, with fixed stops. Deposit loading does not exceed 15%. We recommend investing up to 5% of the total capital.For the month -5.1% profit.

Sagan ECN1 - a new PAMM project in the review. Profitability for the last six months is 32%. 80% of the funds belong to the manager - PAMM has only one investor. Deposit loading is at 5%, and drawdowns do not exceed 15%. We recommend investing up to 5% of the total capital.For March + 10.3% profit.


Stability is a conservative trader. Over the past year, it reached a yield of 22%, with only 1.5% of its own funds. Indeed, the standard of stability. During the existence of the account, drawdowns did not exceed 40%. We invest up to 15% of the deposit. The manager also has several other PAMM projects: Stability, Stability Turbo RUR, Stability Turbo, Stability Turbo 2. All accounts are approximately the same in terms of trading.For the month + 3.9% profit. A month of exponential trading from the standard of stability.

Ao-HEDGE - + 202% for 6 months of trading. In the management of 16% of own funds. A very fresh and promising project. The maximum drawdown level has not yet exceeded the level of 15%, which is a good result for forex trading. The manager claims that he uses a risk hedging strategy while trading instruments from different markets. We invest up to 5% for the long term.For March we have + 18.5% profit. Most of the profit was made at the beginning of the month - further side chatter. We will write on the feature of the hedging strategy.

Smooth growth. USD - over the past six months, the yield is 26%, with 1.2% of the manager’s own funds. EURUSD is trading on the account, and mainly at night. Also, averaging is used in the account. What pleases, the manager is aware of the riskiness of such a strategy, as a result of which he does not trade on major news and before potentially strong movements. We invest up to 10% of the deposit.For February + 3.7% profit.

Mondays. USD - + 37% for six months and about 1.5% of own funds. Another account of the previous manager, but with a slightly different strategy. The trading system is based on a specific price movement on Monday, relative to previous days. A robot with martingale elements is trading on the account, so you should be aware of the riskiness of investing in this PAMM. We invest up to 8% of capital.For a month + 6%. Almost perfect month without noticeable drawdowns.

Ulitka - the profitability over the life of the project is 8%. A very young, but promising project. There is night trading in the account with a risk per trade of no more than 0.5% of the balance. You should be careful, since the previous account with the same intentions was closed in April last year, after leaving a 30% drawdown. Hopefully, the manager corrected the shortcomings of the strategy and a similar story will not happen again. We recommend investing no more than 5% of the deposit.For the month + 2.2% profit. So far, everything is going according to plan.

Elektronik is the new conservative PAMM in the review. The yield for the year is 17%, with 6.1% of the manager’s own funds. Drawdowns do not exceed 12%. Upon reaching more than 5% drawdown per day, all positions on the account are closed. Since December, the frequency of transactions has decreased significantly. We recommend investing 10% of the capital.+ 4.2% profit for March.



Microrisk-Invest - over the past year, PAMM has brought investors a loss of -14%. At the moment, the maximum drawdown is 37%. Before the July drawdown, the project showed rather high rates of profitability growth, approaching the estimated indicators of 80% per annum. Nevertheless, short take and long stops do not play in favor of the trader - it can take considerable time to fully recover from a drawdown.For the month + 9.9% profit. PAMM successfully survived the drawdown and went to recovery. Despite the riskiness of trade, the project is still trusted by many investors.


InvestTRADE Stability 11 - project profitability for 9 months is 52%, with 2% of own funds. The manager uses a variation on the Martingale strategy and, according to the trader, this PAMM project focuses on the reliability of the strategy. Despite the large load of the deposit, the account feels quite confident, showing a stable level of profitability over the past few years. You can invest up to 5% of the capital.+ 12.9% profit per month. The manager promises a return of 10-13% per month. As you can see, so far everything is going according to plan.

EASY CAPITAL - project profitability for half a year is 44%, with 3% of own funds. Despite the very recent start, the project has already attracted a large number of investors.The account most likely uses a variation on the averaging strategy. You can invest up to 5%.For a month -10.5% loss. I am glad that with an unsuccessful entry, the manager does not try to spend the losses to the last, but I would like to see the profit.

1366933 - for 9 months -5% in profitability, with 37% of own funds. Presumably, the manager trades on news surges, which can explain the stable yield chart. Holds no position for more than a few hours. Verdict: safely invest up to 10% of the deposit.For March + 9.5% profit. The month ended with a good plus. Due to the increased load of the deposit, we transfer the account to moderate.



Pilaris is an aggressive trader. Over the year, the yield was 393%. The maximum drawdown is 73%. In May, the previous benchmark yield chart gave way to less accurate activity. Presumably, the account has an automatic Martingale strategy adviser. Allowed investments of up to 10% of capital.For March + 10.6% profit.



Turboscalper - for the year, the yield was 32%. The account uses a night scalping strategy with a fixed value of stops and profits. Since the beginning of the year, there has been steady growth, before that - an insecure chatter. We recommend investing no more than 5% of the capital.For March -8.2% loss. All March, the account spent in drawdown, but at the end of the month it was possible to recover losses a little.


Well, March clearly showed us the full power of fundamental analysis. Traders relying solely on macroeconomic indicators have clearly miscalculated - this once again shows how difficult it is to predict the reaction of the market to certain news. At the same time, traders relying on an integrated approach and automated trading systems had a clear advantage, since this allowed them to objectively assess the current market situation and not give in to panic. In general, almost all managers showed positive dynamics this month.


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