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We take screenshots from the chart on the machine

Hello friends forex traders! We all know the importance of reference Diary of a trader. Grandfather Elder wrote about this, how it is necessary to keep a diary for success, where there will be a screenshot of the transaction and your comments: why the order was opened, what analysis was carried out, as well as your moral state.

The diary can be in paper or electronic form, but without which he just can not do, so it is without screenshots. Of course, you can take screenshots manually, but why not entrust this matter to automation? In order not to be distracted from directly trading, and just do not forget about this routine task.

Today we look at an indicator that takes screenshots of forex transactions automatically: at the opening / closing of a transaction, once N minutes, or on each candle. As you prefer)

Installation and settings

The indicator is installed according to standard instructions.

After attaching the indicator to the chart, the settings window appears, their values:

-> Settings Screenshot time - Settings for the operating time.

Start Time (hh: mm) - Setting the start time of the indicator.
End Time (hh: mm) - Setting the end time of the indicator.

If both parameters are equal to "0" or the lines are left blank, then the work will be conducted around the clock.

-> Auto Screenshot Settings

Screenshot new bar - In the True position, the indicator will take screenshots at the opening of each new candle.
Screenshot Interval (minutes) - If the value is not 0, then after a specified interval in minutes from the start time, the indicator will save images.

-> Open / Close Orders Screenshot Settings - Settings for screenshots of opening / closing orders
Orders Type - 3 choices in which screenshots are saved during the opening / closing of transactions: for manual trading, for trading advisers, both.
Screenshot Open Orders - Allow to take screenshots when opening a trade order.
Screenshot Close Orders - Allow to take screenshots when closing a trade order.
Send Open / Close Mail - Send a letter to the mail when opening / closing orders by the adviser (if the server is activated through the terminal settings).
-> Comments / Button settings - Comment and button settings
Show Comments - Show comments in the magazine, on the chart and in screenshots.
Comments Position - Choosing a screen angle for the location of comments.
Notification language - Choice of language of comments: Russian or clumsy English.
Screenshot button - Turn on the display of the “Screenshot” button (in three colors) to manually save screenshots.
Button position - Choosing a screen angle for the location of the Screenshot button.
Button Distance X - Distance X of the “Screenshot” button from the corner of the screen.
Button Distance Y - Distance Y of the “Screenshot” button from the corner of the screen.

-> ScreenShot Size - Screenshot size settings

Width (X pixels) - The size of the saved image in pixels by X.
Height (Y pixels) - The size of the saved image in pixels by Y.

-> Other settings - Other settings

Set picture name - Select one of five options for saving the image name by sequence: Symbol name, Timeframe, Screenshot Type, Date and Time (for convenient sorting).
Create symbol folder - Creating an additional folder in the files directory with the name of the trading pair for storing images.
Create TimeFrame Folder - Creating an additional folder in the files directory (or in the symbol name folder if Create Symbol Folder = true) with the name of the timeframe for storing images.


In addition to automatically taking screenshots (set through the settings), the indicator allows you to take snapshots of the chart manually, with the click of a button (see screen above). If desired, this button can be removed so as not to take up space on the chart.

Where are the screenshots saved?

During visualization and testing, screenshots are saved in a folder tester (example: C: Program Files (x86) Alpari Limited MT4testerfiles).
Otherwise to the folder MQL4 (example: C: Program Files (x86) Alpari Limited MT4MQL4Files).

- The indicator takes screenshots only on the orders of the pair on the chart of which it is installed. Update: after updating the indicator version, a setting appeared ScreenshotSymbol if you choose All symbols , then the indicator can be put on one pair and it will take screenshots for all pairs.
- Do not change the timeframes, because this can lead to malfunctioning of the indicator
- Pending orders are also taken into account, a screenshot is taken when the pending is activated.

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