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BlackGold indicator - oil and the ruble, tearing off the covers

Good day, friends forex traders! We all know that when oil becomes cheaper, the dollar rises to the ruble. The oil rate is falling, but because the price of oil is in dollars; the government of the Russian Federation receives the same amount in rubles as with the more expensive oil prices. After all, now they give more rubles for the dollar.

You can wail and swear for power for a long time, but you can make money on it. What will we do with the indicator Blackgold, which will show you the price of oil and the ruble in an unexpected direction.

BlackGold Indicator Features

Platform: Metatrader 4
Currency pairs: USDRUB, oil
Timeframe: any
Trading time: depends on your strategy
Recommended DC: Alpari, GKFX


The BlackGold indicator is installed in the terminal according to standard instructions.

It should be attached to the oil chart (it may be called differently for different brokers). In the settings, we write the name of the dollar / ruble pair if it is called by your broker differently than USDRUB (it is registered by default).

Main idea

The budget of the Russian Federation is built a year in advance, based on a certain oil price. Oil in dollar terms cheaper, what happens to the ruble? That's right, he is getting cheaper too. But at the same time, because the state sells oil in dollars, the number of rubles received per barrel of oil does not change much. Those. The price of oil in rubles is not so much affected by changes as the price of oil in dollars.

Hence, we can conclude that the price of oil in rubles fluctuates at some average values ​​in recent years, and any noticeable deviation up or down is corrected.

What can we do about it? Trade oversold and overbought oil in ruble terms, as well as profit from discrepancies in oil prices in rubles and dollars. But for this we need a Brent / RUB chart, which we will build using the monitored BlackGold indicator.

Indicator Use Options

  1. Trading channel on the rebound on the daily chart
  2. Add RSI indicator to the chart and trade overbought / oversold
  3. Trade discrepancies between the Brent / RUB and Brent / USD charts.
  4. Your option?

Instead of a conclusion

The BlackGold indicator is based on a very interesting idea. You do not immediately clearly recognize it, so I advise you to think for a couple of minutes and re-read this short review. What to do with this find is up to you. But do not forget that the indicator is just an indicator, you have to build a strategy yourself.

Watch the video: Ep. 92B - Bipolar Black Gold (November 2019).

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