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News in Russian directly on the chart with the Fx Pulse indicator

Hello friends forex traders! We all know very well that news has a noticeable effect on currency charts in intraday trading. However, viewing upcoming events in the economic calendar on various sites is not always convenient, and let's be honest: we forget about it.

The developers from the site //www.forex21.com/ found a solution - upcoming news calendar right on the chart in your MT4 terminal. And, importantly, - in Russian. The indicator will help us in this. Fx pulse.

Benefits of the Fx Pulse Indicator

Real-time economic news!

  • Support 11 languages
  • Flexible interface - everything changes and is configured
  • Analysis of news release data
  • High-quality translation into Russian

News is the lifeblood in the forex market

Have you ever been in a market where everything seemed to be perfect, but suddenly, for several seconds, the price turned against your position and your profitable position turned into a huge unprofitable one?

If so, then you are caught in the news outlet.

Experienced currency traders know that tracking the release of currency news and economic data is important because there is nothing that can reverse prices as quickly as news. You should do the same.

What is the worse use of websites as a source of currency news?

Despite the fact that it is still considered better to use news sites as sources of economic data and output currency news than to ignore them completely, there are several reasons why the indicator built into the terminal is a much better solution. And that's why:

  • Sites are not automatically updated

Most news sites are not automatically updated, as a result of which the trader must update the websites repeatedly during the day, and if he does not pay close attention to the next news, he may miss some important events. And, having missed the release of important economic news, you can fail in the market.

  • News on websites comes with a delay

There is always a delay between the actual time of news release and the time when news becomes available on websites. This is not a problem for events that “have a weak impact on the market,” and to a greater extent refers to “events that have a strong impact on the market.” For everyone who is serious about trading, getting information about news that has a strong impact on the market late, compared to other market participants, is not an option.

  • Sites are inconvenient to use

And last but not least, it’s not very convenient to use sites as a source of news, because a trader has to switch between a website and a terminal all the time. Of course, if you use two or more monitors, this can help in this problem, but even if (and very few do) you use several screens for your trading, it would be better to use additional screens for charts.

Fx Pulse provides you with real-time currency market news in your language - this will help you make better and more profitable trading decisions!

Fx Pulse 4.0 provides you news in real time and directly on the chart.

From now on, since ignoring the news is not an option, and using websites for news is better than not paying any attention to the news at all, we have developed a truly unique economic calendar for the Meta Trader 4 terminal. It is called Fx Pulse 4, and we are sure that it will help you make better and better trading decisions. The advantages of the tool are as follows:

  • News is published in your language.

Fx Pulse supports eleven languages. Of course, most currency traders speak English, but, nevertheless, it is very convenient to get them in their native language. Fx Pulse currently supports English, German, Russian, Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese, Chinese, Hungarian, Polish and Indonesian.

  • Fast news flow

Fx Pulse is faster than most sources. This ensures that you will be one of the first traders to receive the latest economic data.

  • Comfortable in using

It does not require switching between websites and a graph screen. This is important because, just at the moment news is released on the market, volatility sharply increases. If the price goes against your position, you have the opportunity to quickly react and level the difference between the unprofitable and profitable position in favor of profit.

  • Filters and alerts

In addition, built-in filters and alerts let you choose which data / news should be displayed, and the alert feature ensures that you don’t miss any of the important news events.

Installation Nuances

Although Fx Pulse is essentially an indicator, it is installed as an adviser. For correct operation, it is necessary to go to Service Settings in the terminal, and on the “Advisors” tab, check the box “Allow WebRequest for the following URLs” and add //secure.forex21.com/ in the field below

Description of settings

  • Time base - The basis for calculating the time of news release. Local - local time, time on your computer. UTC - bet only if you live in the USA
  • Show high impact - on / off display of high importance news
  • Show Medium Impact - on / off display of news of medium importance
  • Show low impact - on / off display of news of low importance
  • Show no impact - on / off display of neutral news - bank holidays, etc.
  • Event description - a full description of the news (Full), or a short Short
  • Number of Done News - number of past news displayed
  • Number of Upcoming News - number of future news displayed
  • Audio alert - on / off sound signal when news is released
  • Use terminal language - use the language installed in the terminal
  • Language - if the parameterUse terminal language disabled, you can manually select the language for displaying news
  • Font size - font size
  • Text Color 1.2 - text colors
  • Background Color 1.2 - background colors
  • Transparency - transparency level of the indicator window

What news should I pay attention to?

Of course, not all news is worthy of attention, and even those that are marked with the letter H (High Impact) do not always lead to strong movements. What kind of news and how to affect different currencies read in our study.

Watch the video: FxPulse - Installation (March 2020).

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