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Editor'S Choice - 2019

Equilibrium Advisor - a trend robot with accurate entries

Hello, dear Forex traders. Which of us did not dream of getting our hands on a tool that allows us to enter the market accurately and exit at the first danger? Moreover, so that this tool is devoid of emotions, does not require control and is safe to use? Such a tool exists and today it has become available to a simple trader, available to you.

We present to your attention Forex Advisor Equilibrium. Its distinctive feature is the work in trending market movements, moreover, it does not use dangerous trading methods, such as martingale, order grids, locking, etc. In this review, we will test this noteworthy expert and examine its pros and cons.

Advisor Characteristics

Platform: Metatrader 4
Advisor Version: 1.7
Currency pairs: EURUSD, GBPUSD
Timeframe: M15, H1
Work time: round the clock
Recommended broker: Alpari (ECN accounts)

Installation help

We install the adviser as usual. If this is your first time encountering Forex robots and you have a bunch of questions, download and watch the Forex course on Autopilot.

In this adviser, the settings for each pair are already registered in the code itself, so just open the necessary pairs on the desired time frame and attach the adviser to each chart.

Advisor Strategy

The trading strategy uses small movements within the main trend according to the signals of indicators. The two most trending pairs are used, EURUSD and GBPUSD, in which the main movement is determined, and the inputs are calculated with increasing volatility and with corrections. The EA does not use loss averaging methods, such as martingale, net, etc., and is a low-risk and stable trading robot.

Testing on historical data

Backtests are made for each pair and each timeframe separately, because Metatrader 4 platform does not allow multicurrency tests.

Tests were done fixed lot. This allows you to evaluate test results without taking into account money management.

Equilibrium EURUSD M15 2007-2014

Consider the results for each year:

The results show that on the EURUSD M15 pair it is possible to receive losses for two consecutive months.

Equilibrium EURUSD H1 2007-2014

Consider the results for each year:

The results show that on EURUSD H1 it is also possible to receive losses for two consecutive months.

Equilibrium GBPUSD M15 2007-2014

Consider the results for each year:

The results show that on GBPUSD M15 it is possible to receive losses for four consecutive months.

Equilibrium GBPUSD H1 2007-2014

Consider the results for each year:


The results show that GBPUSD H1 can also incur losses for four consecutive months.

All four tests show overall profitability and sustained recovery after periods of loss.

Description of settings

ADVANCED MONEY MANAGMENT - section of money management settings

  • MM_Type - type of money management: 0 - fixed lot; 1 - with a restriction on a given loss, while lots are calculated automatically; 2 - a fixed percentage of risk relative to the balance at the time of activation of this setting; 3 - a specific “capital protection” mode, in which special parameters are used (see below), in this mode money management is calculated dynamically based on the built-in algorithm
  • FixedLots - fixed lot size
  • FixedMoney - amount of a given loss
  • Risk - the amount of risk relative to the balance
  • CapitalMaxDrawDown - the size of the maximum drawdown in the "protection of capital"
  • CapitalizationDays - the number of days that the CapitalMaxDrawDown parameter is valid
  • CapitalizationTreshold - threshold value for the work of "protection of capital"
  • CapitalizationPercentage -capitalization percentage

In fact, the “capital protection” system reduces the value of the balance sheet for lot calculations, for example, whenCapitalizationTreshold = 10 and CapitalizationPercentage = 50 value of the settlement balance with an increase in the size of the account by 10% during the lastCapitalizationDays days increases by 50% of the profit, this reduces the risks for a long time, but they decrease stepwise.

  • TradingSystemOwnProtection - protection function of the trading system in the adviser, enabled by default
  • Auto timezone - automatic timezone detection
  • Timezone - manual timezone setting
  • isECN - inclusion of the mode of work with accounts of the ECN type, by default it is turned on

Recommended Money Management

It is recommended to use a fixed lot or a risk of 2% on each chart.


Advisor Equilibrium is a reliable and profitable robot, the use of which is safe and profitable for a long period.

Important !

For the EA to work correctly, the trading terminal must be switched on from the market opening on Sunday evening until it closes on Friday evening. If you are unable to keep the computer operational 24/5, it is recommended to use the VPS server service.

Download Advisor "Equilibrium"

Important! Nuances of installation in the new Metatrader 4 builds

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