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Editor'S Choice - 2019

“Programming in MQL4” - Young Fighter Course

Step-by-step video course "Mql programming. How to write forex adviser / indicator / script. "

Without exploring mountains of literature. No boring terms. Absolutely free.

Do you want Automate Your Forex Trading Strategy? Would you like to stop manually repeating the same routine operations day after day, losing several hours on them?

Perhaps you have already thought about creating your own trading robots that will independently trade and bring you money automatically. And perhaps they themselves ordered them from third-party developers ...

However, ordering an advisor or indicator in MQL from a programmer costs from $ 100 and above. In addition, you will spend weeks on correspondence with the performer, clarifying small details and modifying scripts.

But you want to create your own robot quickly and exclusively for your own needs. So that later he would not have to finish or modify. And without spending a dime and not revealing your system to anyone!

Is it possible?

Maybe! And how to do this, you will learn from step-by-step video course "MQL programming. How to write a forex adviser / indicator / script yourself."

Having studied it, you will learn independently create any forex robot. And also to remodel any Forex software for your own needs exactly as YOU need it. Enter your contact details in the form below and click to the button and I will send you the course immediately!

After subscribing you will get access to more than 10 hours of detailed step-by-step video tutorials with homework to pin. After watching the video course, you will learn how to independently create almost any adviser, script or indicator that you had to pay for before.

Now you do not have to wait hours to wait for signals to trade. Once created a trading expert - and he on the machine will earn you money.

Who will benefit from the course?

  • Forex For Beginnerswho want to automate their daily routine;
  • Experienced traderswho are already familiar with programming in other languages.

Indeed, understanding the MQL language is not so difficult, and is accessible even to a beginner.

About the author

The course author is Sergey, known on our forum under the nickname xbms. For a long time he was engaged in the development of systems for business management, the creation of universal systems, in a way they were analogues of 1C.

Education: Higher, Kiev Polytechnic Institute

He began to engage in programming at the age of 13 (1988), so the experience has already been 25 years.
First computers: Yamaha MSX, EC1840, BK0010, ZX-Spectrum

Programming Languages: Assembler, C ++, Delphi, SQL (MSSQL, MySQL, Interbase), 1C, MQL

He currently works in a Belgian company in Russia as a Lead Programmer.

Over the years, tons of code have been written; these are several dozen serious projects and more than a hundred small ones (with costs of 2-3 months).

MQL began to study 5 years ago and during this time probably more than a hundred different experts were written, a variety of strategies were tested.

From the course you will learn:

  • MQL language basics;
  • Basic structures - cycles and language functions;
  • Important aspects of programming that you can’t do without knowing
  • How to add code constructs created by others to your advisers.

And also, you:

  • Create your first adviser;
  • Automate manual routine labor;
  • Create an adviser on Martingale;
  • Write your own trailing stop for advisors;
  • Develop your own script.

Besides! You will consolidate the theoretical material into practice - homework is attached to each lesson.

Advantages of the course over other similar products:

  • Simplicity. Each video is a clear step-by-step instruction that solves a specific problem. And the lessons themselves are told in a simple and understandable language even for a beginner;
  • Step by step. You will be taken literally “by the hand” and shown step by step and told how to create your own MQL robots;
  • Practical focus course. Each video is complemented by homework;
  • Free of charge. The course is free, but on the network you can find analogues that cost from 5 to 15 thousand rubles.

As a result of studying the course, you:

  • Get rid of routine when trading;
  • Learn to create your own programs, advisors;
  • Learn a new skill - programming in MQL, with the help of which you can earn money by programming custom trading robots;
  • Automate your actions on Forex.

P.S. If you are tired of endless routine work and you have long dreamed of setting up automatic trading according to your rules, enter your contact details in the form below and click the order button. The course will appear in your inbox in a few minutes.

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