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Easy and fast forex earning scheme

How to make money on forex? This question is asked by many beginner Forex traders. Having learned that to make money you will have to study money management, trading strategies and a lot of information, and then also WORK, the majority quit trading in the foreign exchange market.

I am often asked to tell some secret forex earnings scheme to “80 percent a month without getting up off the couch”. So, such a scheme exists.

I have long doubted whether to share it with the public? There were thoughts of selling it for 15,000 rubles or more, because it is worth it. But still I will tell her to you for free. I advise you to read this page as soon as possible - most likely I will delete it soon and will sell the instructions already for the money.

I warn you right away - the following instruction is slightly immoral, and if you have a very developed conscience, high moral principles, etc., CLOSE THIS PAGE!

General principle of the scheme

So, our task is to earn a lot and with minimal risk. Well, with a minimum of investment. Naturally, we won’t deal with foolishness, like overclocking a deposit - this is the lot of losers and a direct path to the drain. We will use financial leverage, namely the money of other people. We will open a pamm account. For those who do not know what it is - here is the link.

A simple example: you earn 10% per month on Forex. Open a pamm and attract in total from many investors, say $ 300,000. Expose your commission in the amount of 50% of the profit. You earn 10% on investor money for a month, i.e. 30,000, half of which goes to you as a commission. Total you earned $ 15,000 per month, risking only his small capital (more on that later).

There is a problem: how to learn to earn stably 10% per month? Indeed, for this it is necessary to work, to study for a long time ... Naturally, this is not an option for the “lying on the sofa” scheme.

Therefore, we will use forex advisors. These are such programs for automated trading. Read more about them in the Forex course on Autopilot. We will use only highly profitable, albeit risky robots. You should not worry about a possible loss of money, a little later you will understand why.

So, the general principle: we trade an adviser, on the money of others, we earn commissions from profit. Well, now, as promised, step by step instructions.

Forex Easy Money Instruction

1. If you don't know anything about Forex at all, then download and study the Forex video course for Dummies. I understand that laziness, but try to imagine that this is some interesting series.

2. Next, you need knowledge about advisers. Therefore, you will also have to watch the Forex video course on Autopilot.

Do not worry, it is quite short. It is not necessary to say that this is hard work, you will have to strain your brains only in the first stages, then the earnings will go on the machine. Sorry, but by the power of thought you won’t do anything ...

3. Open a pamm account in instaporex (In Alpari, the conditions on the pamm for our scheme will not work).

4. Order the VPS server service (all instructions are sent to the mail, it is not difficult and not painful there). It’s a penny, don’t go broke. You can’t do without a VPS server when working with large funds.

5. Install a trading terminal on the server, and into it some trusted adviser on the martingale. For example, Forex Cracker or Forex Setka Trader. The adviser must be on the martingale, as we need high returns.

6. Learn the rules of working with martingale. No way without it.

7. Refill your account in accordance with the minimum deposit recommendations for your advisor. Do not violate the recommendations.

I understand that I want to invest $ 10 and earn a million, but this does not happen. For the work of the same “Forex Cracker” on instagram forex pamm account you need $ 1000, but you will beat it, if you have investors, in the first month in five times. And you won’t have to get up from the couch.

8. We are waiting for 2-3 months until the positive statistics on your account accumulate. You can not get up from the sofa at this time.

9. We attract investors. Monitor your account on myfxbook and give it together with a link to your pamm in all forums on forex, trading on the stock exchange, earning on the Internet, casino, poker, etc. In general, on all resources related to money on the network. You can also pamper all your friends on VKontakte, Facebook, or wherever you sit there.

The most active can start their own blog at //www.livejournal.ru/ (it's free) and unsubscribe in it about the successes of their own pamma.

We do not need any oligarchs, any student is able to invest $ 30-1000 in your pamm. Just pick up as many contributions as possible.

10. Every month we withdraw profit, not forgetting to attract new investors.

11. In the event that the account is drained (and when working with martingale this happens one day: maybe after a year, maybe after 2 months), repeat steps 5-10 again.

Does it really work?

Why not? Just do not tell investors that you have an adviser trading on a martingale. You can ride on the ears about the unique hedging strategy that you learned from a former employee of the investment fund. Or about the unique method of tracking the correlation of currency pairs on Forex, for which you hired 10 traders to trade, and they monitor the market around the clock. You can come up with a lot of things.

Let's say you launched Forex Setka Trader by investing your own money of $ 2500. It gives an average return of 20% per month. We collect investor money of 100 thousand dollars for a start (with a high percentage of profit for 2-3 months it is not difficult). We set our commission at an attractive level for investors, say 30% of the monthly profit.

What we get: for a month we earned $ 100,000 from investors, a profit of 20%. Those. $ 20,000. Of these, 30% is our honestly earned commission. Those. we earned $ 6,000 a monthrisking $ 2500.

If a drain occurs, and a martingale can trade without a drain for a year or two, you lose your 2500 $. But you will have time to beat them off before this many times. Investors also lose their money, but this is their problem - according to the regulations, you do not owe them anything and you do not guarantee the safety of funds.

But what if you collect a million dollars under you (this is quite real)? In this case, your income per month will not be $ 6000, but 60000$. Not bad, huh?

By the way, you will have to work only the first week, then you will need to get up from the couch only in order to remove your honestly earned money. That's all, good luck.

P.S. Yes, indeed, everything is so simple. And many are engaged in this, just do not advertise.

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