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Forex For Dummies

Step-by-step video training course on Forex trading from scratch

Want to learn to earn forex(what is it?), but don’t know where to start? Or have you already tried to figure it out, but because of the abundance of professional unfamiliar vocabulary, you have sunk into exactly 2 hours of study?

Unfortunately, at the moment, the courses presented in Runet are mainly focused on professionals. And to find structured information for beginners, which step by step will lead you from complete ignorance of the topic to the first money, is quite difficult.

Understanding all this, I am pleased to introduce you absolutely free video course "Forex for dummies", where I collected all the necessary knowledge for a beginner to start. You'll get complete set of basic information and skills Forex earnings as well as ready-made techniques and trading patterns in the foreign exchange market. Armed with them, you can easily earn your first capital.

Who will suit the video course:

Forex for Dummies - Ideal for You, If you:

  • Long wanted to leave hired work and start making money online;
  • Already heard about Forexbut you do not have the necessary knowledge to start;
  • We tried to trade Forex on your own, but did not manage to figure it out to the end and immediately "leaked" all the money.

If you belong to one of these 3 categories, click on the button below and the video course will be sent To you directly with delivery to your inbox.

After all, Forex trading can really bring great money. BesidesYou don’t need to go to work - you can earn money right from home.

What are the critical problems for beginners to solve the course:

  • Lack of systemic basic knowledge

Forex is a complex subject for independent study, and to understand it, you need a guide. Forums do not give a complete picture, and the courses presented in Runet are usually either superficial, or paid, or both.

"Forex for Dummies" - will give you step-by-step systemic vision of the rules of the game in the foreign exchange market. is he will hold your hand from complete ignorance of the subject to the first money.

  • Inaccessibility of study

Often, for video courses for beginners in Forex, authors ask for 3,000 r. But, for a person who has not yet earned anything on the exchange, giving such an amount for a video course is a huge risk.

So I decided to give out this video course is absolutely free.

  • Difficulty learning

Most video courses are aimed at professionals, and the complex terminology used in them discourages those who have just begun to get acquainted with the foreign exchange market.

Forex Dummies Trading Rules explained in plain language. You gradually immersed in the topic and get familiar with the concepts of becoming an advanced user.

Detailed video course program

From the video course "Forex for" Dummies "you will learn:

  • How to make money on Forex;
  • How transactions are made;
  • The basic concepts of Forex;
  • Basics of analysis;
  • Trading sessions;
  • Trading terminal;
  • How to work with the Metatrader 4 trading terminal;
  • What are indicators and how to use them;
  • Trading strategies;
  • How to develop your own trading strategy;
  • Capital Management;
  • How to competently manage the position size.

But that is not all! In addition, you get 3 free bonuses:

  • Link to download Metatrader 4;
  • Link to download add. indicators;
  • Link to download money management formulas.

As well as:

  • Ready-made strategies for trading;
  • And the Secret Money Management Formula.

And all this in free video course! Grab this "delicious" offer right now! Click on the button "Get a video course"

P.S. In this way, "Forex for Dummies" is step-by-step structured knowledgein plain language which will lead you from complete ignorance to the first money you earned.

p.p.s Result, which you will receive by studying the video course - you will gain the skills of trading on Forex platforms and will be able to earn first money! Just enter your details on the form, study the course and start earning!

Watch the video: Forex Trading for Beginners (April 2020).

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