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Editor'S Choice - 2020

Our forum is 1 year old !!!

Hooray, comrades! Today, June 15, our forum marks exactly 1 year!

Yes, exactly a year ago, this blog appeared in the form of a forum. The users asked him to do it for quite some time and the wishes of the public were satisfied.

At first, I thought that the forum would be something like an extended version of comments on blog posts, but over time, the forum somehow grew by itself, topics started by other users began to appear, and now, a year later, we can safely call it a full-fledged resource , which is associated with the main site, but may well work autonomously.

First of all, this is the merit of our dear forum users who actively communicate, create new topics and help each other in forex trading. If I write only one blog, then the forum is entirely the fruit of a collective mind.

In general, I advise all visitors to this blog to also look at the forum. You can get there by clicking the "Forum" button in the header of the site or directly by the link:


Come in, register and chat 😀

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