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Editor'S Choice - 2020

Vsignale.ru - wiring thinner

Hello, friends! Once I wrote about Forex scam, but scammers do not sleep, and now the whole Internet is flooded with advertising service Vsignale.ru aimed at weaning money from gullible suckers.

The site vsignale.ru owes its idiotic name to a well-known social network, it seems the authors expected to attract the attention of its fans this way. Going to the vsignale main page, we see a slide show of promises of more than 50% profit, the trial of Mavrodi and carefree happiness.

The authors promise to give you a magical super profitable adviser, and for free. So what's the catch?

The fact is that for the adviser to work, you need a license key, and you can get it by registering using the referral link of the owners of this site in DC ... Instaforex! After mentioning the name of the well-known forex Katala, I think most have already guessed what was happening.

So, the resulting miracle adviser is a monkey, and absolutely insane. The purpose of this robot is to open as many positions as possible, until your account is completely merged, BEFORE THE LAST DRAFT. Well, instaforex and the admin of the vsignale.ru site will fraternally share your money.

The only way to make money in this service is to attract other fools by registering in their affiliate program. In this case, the scammers promise to share 50% of their profits. That is why we see a huge amount of advertising vsignale.ru and a lot of "reviews of countless wealth" - webmasters are trying to lure suckers to get their share of the pie.

People! Do not let yourself be fooled !!!

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Watch the video: Vsignale BOX (March 2020).

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