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Editor'S Choice - 2020

Forex Simple Box - surprise box

Greetings, everyone who decided to join us on this cloudy day. This time the theme of today forex videoreview will become a strategy Forex Simple Box from Rita Lasker, already mentioned more than once on the pages of this blog.

The Forex Simple Box system appeared on the market a little over a month ago, but at first I thought it was just another junk that Ms. Lasker likes to indulge in. However, the abundance in the network of positive reviews about the results of the strategy and the requests of users to lay out the system, drew my attention to this creation. So what is inside this box? Take a look 😉?

Forex Simple Box Strategy Rules

1. We trade on EURUSD and USDCHF pairs, the M15 timeframe.

2. The blue box is drawn from 7:15 to 10:15 GMT (GMT). As soon as the box has finished forming, we place pending orders, depending on the situation.

3. If the box is below 200sma, only sell:

We place two pending Sell Stop orders at the Low price (written under the formed blue box) and stop loss at the High box level. Take profit of one order is 20 points, and another - 30.

4. If the box is above 200sma - only buy:

We place two pending Buy Stop orders at the High price (written above the formed blue box) and stop loss at the Low box level. Take profit of one order is 20 points, and another - 30.

5. If the moving average crosses the box, we do nothing.

6. If the price is very close to the Simple Box border, not allowing you to place pending orders, then simply buy or sell (depending on the situation) at market value.

7. If at 21:00 GMT there are any orders for the Forex Simple Box strategy, open or not working pending, close them.

8. After 1 order is closed by take profit (20 points), the stop loss of the 2nd order should be transferred to breakeven. Unfortunately, I forgot to mention this in the video, sorry)).

For more information on the Forex Simple Box strategy, watch the video at the beginning of the recording.

Forex Simple Box Advisor

Platform: Metatrader 4

Currency pairs: EURUSD, USDCHF

Timeframe: M15

Hours: in accordance with the strategy.

Due to the built-in Auto-Gmt function, the EA cannot be run in the strategy tester. There are no real accounts monitoring available. The expert works in accordance with the rules of manual strategy described above.

To increase profitability, Rita advises using the Forex Simple Box Robot in conjunction with the auxiliary advisor Forex Trailingator. In this case, use the following settings:

For Trailingator:

For Forex Simple Robot:

Important! Nuances of installation in the new Metatrader 4 builds

Watch the video: How To Create A Foam Board Box - DIY Crafts Tutorial - Guidecentral (March 2020).

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