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Creating Forex Script

Creating Forex Script It is relevant for many traders who want to facilitate their work and automate many processes, make trading more efficient and profitable. In order to create forex script, the trader should have considerable experience and knowledge, accurately determine all the requirements for the program, take into account working conditions, trading style and many other parameters.

To create scripts that will work in the MetaTrader4 trading terminal, the MQL4 programming language is used. Forex Script is a program written in this language, an algorithm of a certain action, which is designed for a one-time execution of certain actions. The script can perform analytical or trading functions.

Unlike advisers and indicators, Metatrader 4 script It is executed not tick by word, but upon request. That is, if the adviser works constantly, the script, having worked once, completes the work independently. In order to be able to use a suitable script in their work, many traders decide to write them on their own, focusing on their own work style and certain conditions.

To write MT4 script, traders use the built-in MetaEditor. This editor is an integral part of the client terminal and offers a very convenient and understandable environment for development of MQL4 programs. To learn how to create scripts and other programs on your own, it is enough for a trader to carefully read the instructions, figure out all the settings and get to work.

Having created an auxiliary Forex script, a trader must to test. In trading on a demo or training account, the trader must make sure that there are no errors in the algorithm (both technical and related to the trading conditions), there are no false positives, everything works clearly and correctly. If there are errors, they need to be corrected by adjusting the program.

Only after quality and rigorous testingpositive results, the trader can use the program in trading. Before using the script, you need to configure it by setting general operation parameters (this can be done in the terminal settings window) and the specific settings for this script.

To run forex script, you just need to overlay it on the chart, after which the algorithm starts. When it is removed from the chart, the script automatically terminates. If creating forex script was performed correctly, it meets all the requirements of the trader and is correctly configured, such a program can significantly facilitate the work and contribute to profit.

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