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Editor'S Choice - 2020

+ 109.22% for 12 months - the result of the 2nd Test of the Forex Strategy "Insomnia"

Today we bring to your attention the 2nd test of the Insomnia strategy, previously we already tested this trading system for 2016 and you can familiarize yourself with the results here. The basis is Bill Williams fractal signals. Currency pair: GBP / JPY (H1). For a detailed description, see the link above.

The test was conducted by Sergey Gasparyan at Forex Tester 3 ⇒

Recommended Broker - Alpari ⇒

Profitability chart of the Insomnia trading system for the period: from 1/01/2018 to 24/12/2018 inclusive - 12 months:

The schedule is upward, although there are still small drawdowns ...

Test statistics - in this table:

Detailed report on all transactions (all currency pairs):

Total deals - 199, profitable trades 100, unprofitable trades 92 - almost 50 to 50.

Forex Strategy Insomnia Test Video:


The result for 12 months:+109,22% - not very much, but given that this is the 2nd test of this strategy on the site, it only means that the trading system is quite viable and you can definitely take it to your portfolio for trading.

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