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Quik Sberbank investor (web quick): how to log in to your account online, training

Trading with QUIK Sberbank is an easy way to buy and sell securities on the trading floors of the Moscow Exchange. The software allows the user of the service to perform trading operations, conduct analysis.

To familiarize yourself with the interface and the technique of concluding transactions during registration, a demo account is available in the system that simulates the broker's work process.

Features of service and mode of operation

KVIK platform from Sberbank allows traders to work with the assets of the Moscow Stock and Interbank Currency Exchange, provides margin trading. The service allows you to use a special system installed on a personal computer, mobile device.

Internet trading is carried out through trading systems:

  • Sberbank Investor;
  • program for PC QUIK;
  • in the browser;
  • mobile app.

The development of the KVIK platform belongs to professional traders and programmers. The flexibility of the system allows you to fine-tune trading conditions in accordance with the rules.

The QUIK system allows you to receive information from several sectors, and when using the main mode:

  • building tables and graphs of securities selection;
  • tracking your own portfolio and account balances;
  • transactions;
  • viewing quotes;
  • placing pending orders, applications;
  • import and export of operations performed by other systems;
  • study current quotes and news;
  • initiating conditional queries;
  • use of advisers;
  • automatic deduction of commission, tax payments;
  • margin trading;

Exchange-traded instruments are grouped into classes, for example, level 1 stocks, Moscow Exchange indices, level 1 bonds. Each class contains a list of instruments characterizing the course of trading and corresponding to the listing of the selected sector. Filters are used to exclude parameters and select items.

Advantages and disadvantages of KVIK from Sberbank

Software development provides brokers with a basic platform for access through sections of the exchange holding to a single interface.

Service benefits include:

  • the ability to change the interface;
  • self-creation of modules and downloading ready-made from suppliers;
  • protection and encryption with cryptographic software;
  • withdrawal of dividends received from financial transactions to the account or card of Sberbank;
  • receiving applications by phone or through terminals;
  • assistance in margin transactions;
  • security.

Users get access to the stock, derivatives and currency exchanges for transactions with stocks, bonds, futures contracts, foreign currency. The disadvantages of the service include the amount of interest debited for performing brokerage operations.

Before you start working with tools, a detailed study of the optional capabilities of each of them is required. This takes a lot of time, which refers to the disadvantages of the system. The problem for novice traders is a large number of settings.

Demo account (briefly)

For virtual trading, which is carried out for the purpose of training and acquaintance with the system, funds are allocated to the user. An open demo account allows you to work with the QUIK application. Compared with the formation of quotes on the exchange in the educational version, the schedule is formed with a delay of 10 minutes.

Consideration of applications for the purchase or sale of an option lasts 1 business day. Educational information is distributed on the basis of an agreement with the Moscow Exchange, so users can connect to trading using basic financial instruments.

Increasing the functionality of the system is carried out on a modular basis using additional services. Beginning traders are available to build charts, maintain quotes outside the trading session, connect the module for forming quotes.

The service administrator software is at the disposal of a broker who registers new users, determines the settings and their rights. The application’s functionality is limited by the basic configuration, so the demo version quotes differ from the current indicators.

The training application limits the use of complex modules, financial instruments, the analysis of the current balance. Demo version is available for use within 1 month, so there is no access to view transactions for the previous period.

Installing the application on a computer

The trading terminal Quickly Updatable Information Kit is used for transactions with assets. The program is constantly updated and improved, so brokers install updated versions on workstations.

The program is installed in several stages. After downloading the distribution kit on the official resource of brokers and developers, the installation, the creation of keys and their registration in the system are carried out.

How to download the application on PC

Access to the QUIK system is provided by the Sberbank Investor mobile application. To work with the stock market on a personal computer, a program is used, which can be downloaded on the official website of a financial institution.

Development with a full set of tools for technical analysis is addressed to experienced investors. Before downloading the software, it is recommended that you familiarize yourself with the hardware requirements that can be viewed on the QUIK website. You can work with the program in a browser, as well as installing on a PC.

Workplace setting

The user downloads the distribution kit from the Sberbank website, unpacks the file, and launches the program. After the installation wizard window opens, you should confirm the type of authentication using passwords from SMS notifications, specify the address of the directory.

If prompted, create a shortcut in the start menu and on the desktop. After clicking the installation button, you should wait for the process to complete. Authentication and electronic digital signature mechanisms are installed according to the instructions.

Key Creation

In the settings of the workplace, you can select the mode of operation on a secure channel by encryption using digital signature. To connect to the server, the user generates keys. To do this, open the folder with the application installed, find and run the program file for generating public and private keys.

In the window that opens, the surname and initials of the owner, password are indicated. After checking the correctness of the entered data, the button is pressed to continue registration. After activating the "Create" option, 320 characters are entered from the keyboard to encrypt keys.

Registration of keys with a broker

The procedure for transmitting the access cipher may differ and be detailed by the manager when opening an individual account. Registration provides for the transfer of the file with the public key to the technical support service through a personal account on the website or by e-mail.

To send the public part of the key to the bank on the institution’s website, in the Internet trading section, in the connection menu, enter:

  • 5-character agreement number
  • Email address
  • captcha from the picture.

The user selects and downloads the file with the key and waits for a message confirming registration. After activation in the system, you can start bidding. Authentication by login and password is simple.

To do this, download the application and start the installation, go to the Web server site and log into the system. As the login, the code of the agreement with the broker is used, and the password of 8 confirmation characters comes to the mobile phone.

Workplace setup

After starting the terminal in the authorization window, the cancel button is activated. Without installing security keys in the settings, it is impossible to log into the broker's web terminal and use the system. In the main menu of the program, select the system item and in the list of options that appear - settings.

You can use the F9 key to jump. In the settings window of the workplace, activate the program item and go to the encryption sub-item. In the current settings, the directory of keys is indicated, the save action button is pressed. Authorization in the system is carried out using login and password.

The first launch of the program

QUIK system - full-featured access to trading and information via the Internet. When the program starts, the user will see a set of tools, optional features.

To work effectively with the service, it is recommended to use filters. In the settings, the information necessary for work is selected.

Delete unwanted tabs

To remove tools that are not used during the session, you should find and activate the tabs located at the bottom of the screen. They are selected and deleted alternately, and confirm the action by activating the "Yes" button. On the last tab, windows are manually closed.

Getting account information

For users of the terminal, securities trading is available anywhere provided that they are connected to the server. Sberbank offers customers favorable terms of brokerage services, communication with the broker through the program, Web-interface.

You can receive information about the status of a brokerage account through the Sberbank-Investor mobile application, which is available for iPhone, Android. In the Sberbank-online mobile application, the data is in the investment section, and in the web version you should activate the “Other” option and go to “Brokerage service”.

The report in PDF format is sent to the email address upon the completion of transactions on a monthly basis.

In the QUIK program, to obtain information about online securities, money on an investment account, you should:

  • right-click on a blank tab and select the rename option;
  • enter the name of the new directory, changing it to "account";
  • in the upper toolbar, the window creation action is selected;
  • in the list that opens, the client portfolio and securities and cash limits are opened sequentially.

In activated tabs, the user can access information on securities and free money that are on the account, the total amount.

A quick guide to installing and using QUIK on your computer - download

The developed guide will help you quickly master the workplace of the trader.

To start working with the program, you need:

  • Log in to your account
  • Download program;
  • generate and register keys;
  • choose settings.

If during the step-by-step actions specified in the instructions, the connection could not be established, or the program does not work, it is recommended that you contact the technical support service.

Below we also present the instructions in the video:

Table, technical requirements

To work correctly with applications and software, you should consider the compatibility of parameters.

Technical requirements:
Channels of connectionEquipmentSoftware
Bandwidth not less than 50 KbpsInel Xeon Processor E5504Windows Server 2008/2012/2016 (64-bit)
RAM 4 GBConnection to the virtual server is allowed
50 GB of free hard disk spaceDBMS Microsoft SQL Server
CPU Support for SSE4.2 Instruction Set

Sberbank QUIK in a mobile application

You can enter the trading terminal through software development for portable devices. The Sberbank Investor mobile application allows you to quickly buy and sell bonds and shares of Russian companies.

Customer service from September 1, 2017 is available without payment, provides the opportunity to open a demo account. The program is constantly being improved, so you can choose a new development option for download.

Features of work

Brokerage is carried out on the basis of an agreement with the bank for services. At the same time, an account is opened to which money is transferred. After that, using the application you can start trading. Authorization in the system is carried out by entering a username and password.

The entry is confirmed by the code from the SMS notification. Working with the program is similar to using other terminals. After studying the trends of the information block, an application for the purchase or sale of assets is formed.

The client generates a message to the broker to complete the transaction. Operations are conducted online. There is no connection to the servers after the session; they do not work on holidays and weekends.

Where can I download the mobile application?

The trading program is available for Android or iOS. You can download the distribution kit for the mobile version on Google Play and the AppStore. After the application is installed, the QUIK folder is created on the device.

To get the keys, a connection to the computer is required. The device is connected as a removable disk. On the gadget, you should find the folder with the program, copy the files with parts of the user key. Additionally, settings for connecting to the server from a standard client location are copied.

Installation and setup

The software is installed using authentication codes and a 2-factor system. Installing KVIK with advanced requirements allows you to protect your account. To perform actions related to exchange trading, you must configure the data flow using the restriction functions.

When the filter is on, in addition to open windows, the calculation parameters of margin indicators are taken into account.

An important condition for granting the right to use the application is a charge of 850 rubles. When the tariff option is connected, the amount is debited automatically.

Brief installation and setup instructions - QUIK Android download

Installing the application on a mobile device involves performing such actions. After downloading the application, it is launched and the exit button is pressed. The first launch is in order to create a folder.

If authorization is carried out by keys, then first of all they should be generated. The site is available for download distribution key generator through the download option. After registering and transferring the access code to the mobile device, the application is launched.

WEBQUIK Sberbank

The system is designed for operations with securities, viewing market information through a browser. The development advantage is the ability to use on any device with Internet access.

The service users can access:

  • monitoring the current state of the portfolio (previously we considered what a PAMM portfolio is);
  • creation and cancellation of applications;
  • tracking transaction statuses;
  • conclusion and viewing of orders of the current session;
  • viewing quotes;
  • plotting.

To access your personal account, you need to go to the Sberbank website and follow the link to the application. For authorization, a login (contract code, consisting of 5 characters) and a password are entered into the system.

Comparison of KVIK with Sberbank Investor

For beginners, a simplified version of the exchange trading access program has been developed. Sberbank Investor is an innovative application that allows you to conduct operations with shares of leading enterprises of the country without signing an additional portfolio of documents and visiting the office.

The technology uses the KVIK system, which provides access to analytical data on the functioning of the securities market.

The following actions are available to users:

  • investment portfolio control;
  • securities management;
  • deals;
  • operational communication with technical support;
  • news section;
  • placement of investment ideas with obtaining their expert evaluation.

The QUIK program is characterized by an expanded range of optional features, trading tools. The user can trade on the stock and currency exchanges using technical analysis tools.

The system has more technical information, which is reflected in visual graphs, there is an option that allows you to configure a notification that the asset has reached the predicted price level. In the Investor program, the broker independently monitors the change in the cost indicator.

The application user is provided with virtual money, the ability to create an individual portfolio. In the KVIK program, designed for experienced investors, a search for a trading strategy is available.

Sberbank QUIK support and possible problems

You can get detailed advice on training, investment, work in the trading system using the services of the client center. To do this, you need to contact by toll-free number 8-800-555-55-51.

For calls from Moscow and from abroad, the number + 7-495-967-18-23 is valid. For other questions, suggestions and complaints, you can contact the contact center of Sberbank or use the feedback form.

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