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USD JPY (dollar yen) forecast and analytics for: today, tomorrow, week and month

The USD / JPY forecast, which is based on a systematic analysis of the world market, is characterized by dynamic changes in quotes. In terms of turnover and liquidity, this pair takes second place in the Forex market.

The national currency of Japan is included in the reserve category.

The dynamics of USD / JPY prices depends on the difference in interest rates set by the Bank of Japan and the US Federal Reserve.

Online forecast for the dollar yen today

Quotation assessment is carried out within 4 trading periods used for grouping when constructing a price chart.

You can find a more detailed forecast for today on our website under the heading:

Forex ANALYTICS and FORECAST for USD / JPY (pair Dollar / Yen) ⇒ (WATCH FOR FREE)

You will have access to an overview of the situation in the foreign exchange market, analysis of the dollar-yen chart, a forecast of the situation for the day and signals, according to the rules of graphical analysis of forex.

An example of such a video forecast here:

You will always find more recent forecasts at the link above, and they are published with ready-made MetaTrader 4 templates and ready-made MT4 profiles.

USD JPY (yen to dollar) rate - online chart

The Forex market is designed for interbank currency exchange, based on the principle of free conversion without government intervention in transactions. Monitoring of foreign exchange operations is carried out by central banks.

The quotes chart at the moment reflects the exchange rate online. It can be configured according to various parameters, apply indicators that will help determine the trend for effective trading, track historical values ​​and exchange rates.

Consider a pair of USD JPY in more detail

The currency pair is one of the main in forex, so it is in high demand and trading takes place around the clock.

General characteristics of the pair

The quote reflects the attitude of the US dollar to the Japanese yen. More than 17% of transactions are with these currencies. The highest activity is observed in the second period of the Asian trading session and in the first half of the working day of European exchanges.

Sharp fluctuations in the rate are often the result of losses of large players or are characterized by a high rate of their profitability for closed positions.

A trend pair is characterized by long-term main market trends. The maximum value of the yen against the dollar in 1998 was 148, and in 2011 the minimum value was at 75.50.

During this period, the Bank of Japan held measures to weaken quotes - interventions.

Features of a currency pair

Japan's gross domestic product takes 3rd place in the world. The country's economy is feeling the impact of oil prices. Previously, the state regulated the growth of the yen through sales. The volatility of the pair in the market complicates the ability to carry out technical analysis for the long term at small time intervals, although at large intervals it is quite relevant.

It is sometimes difficult to predict the price movement for USD / JPY, and forecasts of even leading regulators and analysts are not always true, therefore, novice traders are not recommended to use this tool to trade or use only if there are good and confirmed signals from your trading system or strategy.

What do USD JPY quotes depend on and what affects the rate

This currency instrument responds well to economic and political events in the world. The determining factors are changes within Japan and the United States. Due to this property, traders consider the pair an indicator of the global market.

In order to make a forecast for today, tomorrow, for a week and actively trade a currency pair, you need to carefully monitor the news regarding the finances of 2 countries: Japan and the USA. The relationship of political events and the dynamics of quotes is traced. The reaction from the US dollar is formed due to:

  • arrangement of economic leverage;
  • lower credit rating;
  • increase in credit rate.

The Ministry of Finance of Japan, which regulates the economic life of the state, has a great influence on the national currency. This body can provoke fluctuations in the yen by announcing unexpected statements that affect the state of the currency.

Using leverage, Japanese authorities have an impact on the profits of national companies. An important indicator is the discount rate of the Bank of Japan, which is set to stabilize the economic situation in the country.

It is recommended to take into account gross domestic product growth and quarterly reports of state-owned companies.

The national currency rate depends on:

  • unemployment rate indicator;
  • industrial production;
  • international trade.

The low cost of the national currency of Japan is the key to the profit of exporters who pay taxes to the state budget. With the strengthening of the yen, Japan has resorted to an artificial overvaluation. To this end, the state sets low interest rates.

What is the best way to trade with USD JPY

All traders can make a profit on a currency pair, regardless of work experience. For productive trading, it is recommended to take into account the numerous factors of quotes behavior. The yen is regulated by the government of Japan, depending on the economic situation of the country.

For forecasting, you can use fundamental and technical analysis, apply market tools, Fibonacci levels, indicators based on moving average lines and indicators that correspond to the nature of the movements of the Japanese yen

The greatest activity of the currency pair is observed at the opening of the exchange in Tokyo. This indicator determines the movement of a currency pair before the opening of the London Stock Exchange. The dynamics can be used in transactions throughout the day.

The transaction requires entry after the opening of the American and before the London Stock Exchange. It should be borne in mind that the presence of a bearish candle indicates a sale, and a bullish one indicates a currency purchase operation.

Often during the day the movement in the pair occurs within 50 points, but jerks of up to 200 can be observed, which is associated with the release of important news.

The gold level of quotes is at the level of 100. When the pair moves, there are delays near quotes that correspond to even indicators.

Using binary options is a great way to make money on a quote. To conduct a transaction, it is recommended to select the desired asset. After specifying the duration of the operation, you need to make a forecast at the time of its closure. When the conditions are met and the forecast is correct, the transaction is closed with a profit.

An example of one of the strategies for USDJPY - Strategy for Binary Options "15 minutes"


And also for profit on a currency pair, we recommend that you:

Use Forex Strategies for USDJPY

Here are a few of them:

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3) Forex Strategy "GAP"

Video to the vehicle:

Look for the rest of the trading systems on the site, there are a very large number of them for the dollar-yen!

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