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Trading programs, applications for trading on the exchange: Quik, MetaTrader4, Transaq, Ninja Trader

To invest, it is necessary to technically organize the process. To do this, they use software that helps to search and buy assets, as well as monitor the status of the portfolio. A novice trader needs to know which program to choose for productive work.

Exchange terminal

An exchange terminal is a program that is installed on a computer. With its help, you can monitor trading on the exchange, analyze the change in prices, appeal with securities, record the change of positions in the investment package and individual strategies for trade agreements.

Exchange platforms are divided into 2 large groups:

  • brokerage platforms are developed by brokers themselves and provide them to their customers;
  • universal exchanges created by third-party developers and used by different brokers.

The user benefits by self-developing a working platform:

  1. Client binding software. When moving to another terminal, you will have to master all the tools again.
  2. No commission for using the trading platform to a third-party developer.

For customers, these are shortcomings, so they prefer universal exchanges. Brokers often offer work at their site or widely used. In this case, you need to compare the functionality and convenience of both options.

Criteria for choosing an exchange terminal

For comparison and evaluation of exchange terminals use different criteria, among which:

  • execution of trade transactions on the site;
  • viewing and analyzing some assets and the entire portfolio;
  • the ability to use different tools;
  • nuances of working with the exchange platform;
  • advanced analysis capabilities.

On the territory of Russia, the most frequently used are verified exchanges, which are used by a large number of people.

Exchange terminal Quik

QUIK is used by almost all brokers and their clients. The terminal is a base platform for operations in the stock market. When a person chooses a platform, he often thinks about using QUIK or another option. Brokers use the terminal to track customer positions, manage money, conduct various operations and carry out voice orders. Private customers can combine many accounts here.

Quik Toolbox Features

On the platform, private investors gain access to working with bonds, options, futures, mutual funds, currency, stocks and ETFs.

The program allows you to transfer funds between the following exchange platforms:

  • derivatives market department;
  • section of bond and stock trading;
  • foreign exchange market.

Bidders on exchanges usually have the ability to withdraw money to bank accounts. At QUIK you can trade in securities, including shares of American organizations.

The terminal is adapted to work with bonds and shows the result for valuation and transactions made on them. QUIK has a list of options with positions for agreements concluded with the help of a particular instrument.

Quik Trading Opportunities

The exchange is intended for issuing different types of orders, which is useful for large private participants who make bulk purchases. Stocks are bought and sold automatically when the user is far from the program and does not have access to it. At the same time, you can put orders that allow you to hide volumes from other participants to reduce the current value.

At one time, QUIK, you can leave several applications using the "transaction pocket". Applications are preliminarily added to this section, and after one click send them to the exchange. This option is useful when opening and closing many positions.

Quik Analysis Capabilities

Analysis of the program for trading is characterized by a large set of tools.

The package has:

  • sections for technical verification of information;
  • additions to the analysis;
  • transferring data to other resources.

The module contains a standard set of analytical tools for obtaining basic graphical analysis. With the help of building bond income, you can see the big picture in the market and select individual securities. A similar tool is available for options.

To conduct a deep analysis, QUIK provides the ability to transfer information to external applications and display information in Excel. In addition, it is possible to carry out integration with databases and software.

Portfolio Monitoring and Analysis Capabilities at Quik

Assets are displayed in the terminal for individual positions. General data can be seen in the client portfolio table. It contains the margin for the investment package and the accounts of participants who view with a filter. QUIK provides the participants with a table in which the individual positions of the composition and structure of assets are highlighted. In the portfolio you can see the acquisition cost of each of them.

There is a drawback in providing information about the composition and structure. It consists in the lack of accounting for joint results on derivatives market instruments. The table contains a summary of bonds and stocks, and information on futures and the valuation of their assets is provided separately.

Participants applying complex strategies for various types of financial instruments are forced to calculate the result themselves or view the score in the broker's personal account.

Simplicity and usability of Quik

It is difficult to work with a rich set of program options for traders. To make changes to the table, you will need to enter the additional context menu. A large list of filters can cause an incorrect result to be displayed due to incorrect operation with it, which causes problems for novice traders.

During the evaluation of all positions in the investment package, in the absence of relevant knowledge, difficulties arise in understanding the procedure. The platform displays detailed information on positions, cash balances and securities. It will not be possible to immediately assess the situation with the portfolio, especially when the investor has opened difficult positions using borrowed funds, options and futures.

MetaTrader Terminal

The submission of information on this exchange terminal is designed to carry out operations in the foreign exchange market because it was designed from the very beginning for trading on FOREX. Despite this, MetaTrader is used by brokers in Russia. Some of them offer it to their customers for sale on international platforms, and not just domestic ones. The path of many exchange participants began with the FOREX market and the MetaTrader terminal, which was not intended to work in the stock market.

MetaTrader 4/5 Features

The main trading instrument is currency pairs (for example: EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDCAD, USDJPY, etc.). Clients of some brokers enjoy access to trading on the stock exchange with futures, stocks and CFDs on shares of foreign participants.

MetaTrader's field of use is limited due to the fact that the platform is not adapted for working with options and bonds, which have become an important component of a stable investment package.

Trading Operations in MetaTrader

MT4 terminal functions are not expanded and help to solve trading problems in most cases in the foreign exchange market. Submitting an application is easy. The participant can use the limit or stop order. The advantages of MetaTrader include the possibility of placing several linked stop orders and pending orders in one window.

The disadvantage of MT4 / 5 is the lack of installing additional filters for another instrument. Thanks to the special settings on the terminal, you can make a deal in one click. This option will be useful for speculative players engaged in day trading or scalping.

Analysis in MetaTrader

Conducting analysis is an advantage of an application in which there are many indicators. In Metatrader, you can automatically receive a signal from expert advisors, which are systems based on various options for analysis. They automatically receive a trading signal.

The built-in MQL programming language on the exchange allows you to write and test your own applications. MetaTrader cannot export information to other third-party resources. There are no additional mechanisms for analyzing the information of individual financial strategies.

Portfolio Monitoring and Analysis in MetaTrader

Assets on the exchange platform are recorded using the table in which they are divided by position. In a separate line you can see the total balance of the account. Transactions can be viewed in bookmarks. This will track the impact of individual processes and changes in the portfolio.

The simplified mechanism is due to the fact that the main assets include currency or CFD. Using complex financing tools, this would not allow us to consider the full state of affairs.

Using MetaTrader

The main advantage of the terminal was ease of use, which is achieved thanks to a small set of additional functionality. You can deal with work on MetaTrader without using additional sources of information. To do this, you need to experiment with the tools of the site.

Transaq Terminal

An alternative version of the QUIK terminal is TRANSAQ, which is actively used by VTB 24 brokers and Finam. The platform is similar to QUIK in some options and in appearance and bookmarking. Its difference lies in its small functionality and the absence of providing the client with more detailed information and capabilities.

Transaq Features

The terminal makes it possible to carry out transactions with many instruments of international platforms. Information on the features and value of options in TRANSAQ is displayed in a table on financial transactions, which is not like an option board and contains less information.

The remaining groups of terminal tools are identical to those available in QUIK. In addition, on the site there is no way to transfer funds to bank accounts, from one exchange to another and between exchange sections.

Trading Operations at Transaq

In trading operations, you can set limit and stop orders. In a simple form, an iceberg order and related orders such as take profit or stop loss are placed at the limit. You cannot place a stop order on the platform with a stop price for another instrument, which creates problems. This operation is required when making complex exchange transactions. The user will not be able to create a transaction pocket in TRANSAQ for the purpose of introducing a large number of orders at one time.

Analysis in Transaq

The analysis process on the trading platform coincides with QUIK. They have similar indicators and graphical analysis options. TRANSAQ lacks the ability to build a bond income card. There is no module in the terminal that reflects optional strategies.

The client can export stock information to other applications in order to carry out in-depth analysis of statistics. The user can transfer information from tables to Excel, which improves the work with exchange data.

Porta Monitoring and Analysis at Transaq

The assets available in the investment package are reflected in the same way as in QUIK. A separate column shows the cash balances and the limit of securities. Reflection of data on the total portfolio of the client is provided in tabular form with all lines from the accounts, among which information on stocks, bonds and futures.

Simplicity and convenience of Transaq

A small set of functions makes it easy and simple to understand the operation of the platform. Most transactions are easier to implement than in QUIK, especially when new options and features are included for their analysis. Almost all options are located in the table menu without a long list of additional operations.

The capabilities of the built-in functions are less than in QUIK. This feature has the advantage of reducing the likelihood of confusing data, but complicates the work if a novice investor solves a difficult problem using a filter and various analysis methods.

Brokers often use TRANSAQ as a brokerage platform. Here, participants can use the limits on customer accounts, conduct RPS and REPO operations, and also monitor the risks of transaction breakdown.

Ninja trader

The platform has a high level of trading and analysis capabilities. Efficiency and simplicity of work with Ninja Trader is provided by a set of functions. In the terminal, participants can create trading strategies, conduct their testing and trade automatically.

The exchange platform has more than 100 indicators, high visualization of charts and different timeframes. The user can apply a demo and make individual settings for each trader. The advantage of the terminal is the ability to use all functions for free.


QUIK is a leader among a large number of trading platforms for a set of options, analytics options and filter installation options. A large list of functions leads to problems using the terminal, because special knowledge is needed.

TRANSAQ is chosen as a compromise. The platform’s capabilities are enough to carry out trading tasks of a low level. In this case, you do not need to spend a lot of effort on developing a good terminal. If the complexity of the transaction increases, then the application options for trading may be few.

MetaTrader has the simplest functionality and usability, but on this platform there are no many tools that allow you to carry out transactions in the stock market. The exchange platform, which the broker creates independently for customers, will be inferior in terms of the availability of options to other terminals.

A novice trader needs to study the pros and cons of each platform in order to choose a convenient program for trading.

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