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Forex Precision Entry Strategies

Every trader wants to find the most accurate forex strategyin order to ignore false signals, clearly determine the moments of the conclusion of the most profitable transactions.

But finding the perfect tool is very difficult, so it makes sense to combine a variety of indicators, try a variety of systems and look for the one that will provide the best result.

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Forex Gambit Trading System

Speaking about accurate forex strategies, one cannot ignore the Forex Gambit ⇒, which generates input signals and uses only one indicator in the algorithm - Bollinger lines. The system was created by the chess player Walter T Downs, who made good money on it.

Forex Gambit is designed for trading on daily charts, suitable for all currency pairs, you can work around the clock. You need to set the Bollinger lines with these values:

  • Bollinger Bands 1 with a period of 30, a shift of 0, a deviation of 1, as applied to Close, is marked in red.
  • Bollinger Bands 2 with the same parameters, but a deviation of 2 and mark in green.

Signals for opening appear relatively rarely, but they are true and give a big profit. It is enough to understand the intricacies of the system, which is quite easy and start testing.

Consideration of the benefits and components of Fiber

A fairly accurate forex strategy is the Fiber ⇒ system, which generates unambiguous and understandable indicators, providing good trading results. There are several indicators in the operation algorithm, simple rules for managing transactions are assumed. Suitable for such currency pairs: EUR / USD, GBP / USD, AUD / USD, 15-minute time period.

Indicators in the Fiber, providing an accurate entry:

1) Parabolic Chaser Trend.

2) NonLagMa.

3) My squeeze light.

Despite the apparent complexity and the need for proper configuration of all components, Fiber is very easy to use. Everything is marked by lines of different colors, the signals are understandable and it will not be difficult to follow the schedule in anticipation of successful moments.

Features and Pros of Forex Signal 30

This Forex signal 30 ⇒ indicator trading system is also accurate. It provides clear responses both at the moment of conclusion of transactions and at the optimal moments of closing open positions. The time period is better to use from M30 to H4, the choice of a currency pair can be any, trading is carried out during the European session and at the very beginning of the American.

To open a sell order, you need the following conditions:

  • The cost is near the upper limit of the created automatic price channel.
  • The graph shows a large red arrow pointing down.
  • Stochastic is located above level 80 (i.e., in the overbought zone).
  • Forexsignal 30 extreme (bottom of the chart) shows an upward spike.

To open a sell order, you need to observe:

  • The cost is near the bottom of the channel.
  • The graph shows a blue arrow pointing up.
  • Stochastic is located below level 20 (i.e., in the oversold zone).
  • Forexsignal 30 extreme (bottom of the chart) shows a downward spike.

It must be remembered that there is a possibility of redrawing the indicators, so you can open a deal only after the candle has closed. At the same time, if everything is configured, then forex signal 30 generates fairly accurate signals. You can download it on this site (at the link above), after reading the instructions and installation rules.

Forex Archer Features

Interesting enough and Forex Archer ⇒, which refers to the trend. It may sometimes require rechecking, since when changing the timeframe there is a chance of a change in readings. Therefore, it is suitable for those traders who can draw channels or trend lines in order to be able to verify the signals.

Forex Archer is based on several indicators that successfully filter out false positives. You need to trade currency pairs with high volatility. It is on them that you can earn the most money per unit of time. The best stability and the most accurate entries are obtained with currency pairs, which include the dollar.

You can select any timeframe, but there can be more false signals on minute charts than on time charts. The global trend is visible on D1 (daily chart). The plus is that using the daily chart, you can understand the mood of the market for the current day. That is why, first of all, you need to choose this time range and understand the current situation, and then in the trading process ignore all signals that are sent against the trend.

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