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Editor'S Choice - 2020

+ 96.7% for 12 months: Forex Strategy Test "Trend Bend" for EURUSD (H1)

Forex strategy test "Trend Bend", which we conducted with a variable lot (at first it was dynamic, but in the end it was constant). You will find a more detailed description of this trading system at the link above.

  • Testing conducted the same on Forex Tester ⇒
  • Currency pair - EURUSD, interval H1.
  • We chose the broker for the test -THIS IS THIS ⇒

Profitability chart of TS "Trend Bend" from February 1, 2019 to January 31, 2020 inclusive (1 year):

The graph is upward and even, drawdowns are very small.

For detailed test statistics for the euro-dollar pair, see this table:

Detailed report on all transactions for the testing period:

Total transactions - 86. Profitable - 40. Unprofitable - 45, the rest - closed at zero.

Video on the conducted test of the trading strategy "Trend Bend" with comments:

If you have questions about the test or the strategy itself - ask them in the comments below.

Conclusion: profit for 12 months of the test+96.7 for the EURUSD pair. Of course, this is not a huge profit, but the main thing is that it is stable, so if you like the strategy, feel free to take it to your portfolio.

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