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Editor'S Choice - 2020

Review of Prime Trades

  • Official website: //prime-trades.com/en,
  • Minimum deposit: $ 100.

Today is my review of Prime Trades, another fraud broker who draws fake loans to his traders and does not allow to withdraw money back.

Prime Trades - a divorce or not?

First, let's look at what Prime Trades is all about. This broker appeared on the network two months ago, and there are no reviews about it yet. Opening an account in such a young project is dangerous by default, because most newly-minted statistics brokers turn out to be scammers. In addition, Prime Trades has no competitive advantage over other better-known trading platforms.

Then you can check the information indicated on the site. The broker is registered in the Marshall Islands at the address: Trust Company Complex Ajeltake Road Ajeltake Island, MH 96960. If you enter this address in Yandex or Google, you can see that there are several dozens of fraudulent projects allegedly located on it. That is, we have a massive legal address where anyone can register for a fee. Phone number for communication on the site is not indicated.

Reviews of Prime Trades located on the site are also fake, written by the staff themselves. Models from photo stocks are used as photos of satisfied customers, and names and texts are simply invented from the head.

With a dry result, we have a new, completely anonymous broker with fake reviews. Companies, of course, should not entrust their money to such companies.

What is the essence of divorce

The essence of Prime Trades fraud is to steal money under the pretext of trading on Forex and CFDs. Employees of the broker assure victims of the possibility of easy money in the financial markets, breed for investment, and then appropriate other people's funds.

Special attention should be paid to the pseudo-analysts Prime Trades, who give out fake loans to clients and force them to repay the money drawn with real ones. In no case do you need to do this, since the broker is not a credit organization and does not have the right to issue and collect loans from traders.

It is also impossible to earn money or even simply withdraw your funds from Prime Trades. Fraudsters simply will not let you do this. By manipulating the platform and charts, all open transactions will sooner or later lead to losses, and a trading account can be banned without explanation.


In conclusion of my review of Prime Trades, I want to once again remind you how carefully you need to be careful when checking brokers. Today, there are several hundred fraudulent organizations on the Internet that impersonate trading platforms, while there are not many normal companies. If you still managed to contact Prime Trades, then you can leave your comments about this scam in the comments.

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