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Editor'S Choice - 2020

Review of cdlconline24

  • Official website: //cdlconline24.com,
  • Minimum deposit: 500 €.

My review today is about Cdlconline24, a relatively new crypto broker that has already managed to breed a large number of people. These scammers offer a full range of investment services (robots, trust management, investment portfolios and so on) with only one goal: to seize other people's money.

Cdlconline24 - scam or not?

On the Cdlconline24 website you can find a lot of information about what a reliable and well-known company is in front of us, but alas, all this is not true. In fact, the cdlconline24.com domain was registered less than a year ago, and I started receiving the first complaints about fraud recently. Transferring money to such young and dubious brokers is dangerous by default.

Photos, names and positions of Cdlconline24 employees are also fake. So, for example, the head of marketing at Cdlc Kati Henkel is actually a pediatrician Tatyana Butskaya. Fraudsters simply stole someone else's photos, as they were too shy to show their real faces to customers.

There are no Cdlconline24 offices at the addresses indicated on the site either. Neither in London, nor in Vilnius, nor in Frakfurt, nor in Abu Dhabi are companies with that name. Accordingly, absolutely all information is invented from the head. Is it worth it to trust money to a broker who hides his legal data, the identities of employees and lies at every turn? Hope the answer is obvious.

What is the essence of divorce

In short, under the guise of a crypto broker, fraudsters promise fabulous earnings to clients, bred on deposits and don’t bring anything back to anyone. It is noteworthy that the minimum deposit in Cdlconline24 is as much as 500 €, while all normal brokers offer to start with $ 10. Such a high deposit is due to the fact that even a once invested victim can already bring a good income to scammers.

One of the main services of Cdlconline24, which is actively promoted on the site, is trust management (PAMM accounts and PAMM portfolios). The client is invited to give their money to the managing trader on parole, not seeing any evidence of real trading. Naturally, funds invested in this way can immediately be considered lost. You can find out how PAMM accounts should look like on the website of the same Alpari, which have been realistically already 20 years openly showing all reports on managers and conduct regular monitoring.

Cdlconline24 employees also offer customers to automate earnings using trading robots. I already wrote a separate post about robots, but for those who are too lazy to read, I will explain: earnings on the machine do not exist. Ton10, Infinity App, General Case and similar projects initially work to drain deposits, therefore, the connection of such programs is possible only in fraudulent brokers.

In general, no matter what the fake crypto traders and cryptanalysts from Cdlconline24 promise you, you should not believe them, because in the end, the broker does not even withdraw their own money to clients. Of course, you can try to do it yourself through a chargeback or a payment operator, but honestly, there are not many chances.


In conclusion of the review about Cdlconline24, I would like to once again remind you that you should not take the brokers and traders unfamiliar to you. No one on the Internet is eager to help you increase capital, but fraudsters are a dime a dozen. Yes, you can really earn money by trading, but for this, you first need to spend time and learn independently, and not rely on magic robots and investment portfolio managers.

Leave your feedback on the work of Cdlconline24 in the comments and, of course, do not forget to rate the broker in the user rating.

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