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Editor'S Choice - 2020

Review of 24broker Net

  • Official website: //24broker.net,
  • Minimum deposit: $ 250,
  • Minimum bid: $ 1.

Today is my review of 24broker Net, another divorce payment of commissions for receiving nonexistent money that the magic droid allegedly earned.

24Broker Net - a divorce or not?

24Broker Net is the most common scam, not a broker. The same scammers, about whom I have repeatedly written on the blog, simply restarted their project under a new name.

There are already about a dozen such sites-scams, and only the appearance changes in them. As an example, you can compare 24broker with previous projects from the same authors and read the comments:

  • Finarium
  • Trade Option,
  • Grand Trade,
  • FreshOption
  • Options247,
  • Bin Capital,
  • 24optione,
  • Utrader,
  • Finance Option,
  • Prime Option.

Like past reincarnations, 24Broker Net is allegedly licensed by the Mauritius Finance Commission (FSC). In fact, this "license" is nothing more than a photoshop without legal force. Because FSC did not hear about Oracle Stone LTD, which supposedly owns a broker. As well as the license under the number GA125814902. Fraudsters simply forged documents to make it easier to breed clients for money.

What is the essence of a divorce?

24broker Net scammers always use the same scam scheme (this scam has been around for several years). Allegedly, the employer has a magic program (droid), which is able to earn money on a fully automatic machine (a kind of magic pot). But the employer cannot use this program, since brokers constantly block his accounts due to too much profit. And in order to get around the block, the employer is looking for employees.

The work itself is absolutely not dusty, you just need to periodically turn on the droid and watch how the balance grows on the account at 24broker Net. In this case, the initial deposit is made by the employer himself, and the profit received is proposed to be divided in half.

Divorce begins at the moment when a certain amount of money runs up on the account and the moment of "sharing" comes. Fraudsters calmly withdraw their part of the money from the account, and the victim suddenly finds out that before you get your "honestly earned" you need to pay a commission of $ 100.

This is by no means worth doing, as no money actually exists. 24broker Net is a fake broker and its trading platform is completely managed by scammers. A magic droid is also an ordinary fake, with the help of which scammers create the illusion of real trading. All this is just part of one play aimed at getting money out of naive users.

In addition, even if you decide to check your luck and pay a commission to fraudsters from 24broker, then you will encounter new requirements: pay a fine, tax, deposit, and so on until you get bored. It is impossible to get something out of this pseudo-broker - neither "earned" money, nor invested.


This concludes my review of 24broker Net, the new scam from well-known scammers. By tradition, I remind you that you should not look for easy money in trading on binary options, Forex or CFD, because they are not here. Yes, it’s possible to make money, and it’s not bad, but you have to do it with your hands, and not with the help of magic droids.

I added 24broker to the brokers rating and the blacklist of scam, so vote and leave your comments in the comments.

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