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Editor'S Choice - 2020

Review of Berkshir Trade

  • Official website: //berkshir.trade,
  • Minimum deposit: $ 100,
  • Minimum bid: $ 1.

Today's review of Berkshir Trade, another well-known scam broker. These scammers make new sites every month, because all of their projects have a very bad reputation and a huge number of negative reviews.

Berkshir Trade - a divorce or not?

Despite the fact that scammers from Berkshir Trade change their names as gloves, it is very simple to draw a parallel between all their sites - they look exactly the same. In order to verify this yourself, you can familiarize yourself with my previous reviews (and at the same time with comments from injured traders):

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Another feature that brings all of these scams together is fake certificates from the fictitious CCRFM regulator. The first time I came across one of these certificates, I laughed for a very long time, because I had never seen such stupid formulations in my life.

The Berkshire Trade Certificate reads plainly that "The company is reliable." And a little lower, apparently for greater credibility, it is added: "The certificate confirms the status of a certified company." Also, the text of the certificate contains grammatical errors, and it was not issued to a legal entity itself, but to the website address on the Internet, www berkshir trade.

What is the essence of a divorce?

The essence of the Berkshir Trade divorce is to seize the money of a potential victim as a result of several telephone conversations under one pretext or another. Fraudsters can introduce themselves as traders and promise to help them earn money on Forex, CFDs and BOs, they can promise assistance in returning money from other scammers, they can appear as employees of Sberbank and offer profitable investments.

In any case, these stories always end equally deplorably. If the client nevertheless invests money, then withdrawing it back becomes impossible. Berkshire Trade fraudsters come up with all kinds of tricks, as a result of which fines are imposed on the victim, commissions are paid, taxes are deducted, and so on and so forth.

But the divorce does not end there. After some time, Berkshir Trade employees again begin to process their past customers, this time on a different behalf. They are represented by lawyers or employees of financial regulators and offer to return the money lost in Berkshir Trade. And, as it’s not hard to guess, this will also require additional funds to activate the account, pay insurance, work as lawyers, and so on and so forth.


That's all my review of Berkshir Trade, the new reincarnation of the old fraud scheme. In conclusion, I want to remind once again that it is very, very dangerous to get in touch with companies whose employees actively call you and offer to get rich.

If you happen to deal with Berkshir Trade, then leave your comments in the comments - it is possible that they will save someone money and nerves. Also on the blog there is a rating of brokers with links to my reviews and comments of traders, you can find it.

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