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Feedback on the DarCapital project

  • Official sites: //kapital-dar.ru, //social-darkapital.ru, //darkapital.ru, //darcapital.ru

Today is my review of the DarCapital project of Yuri Dobrovolsky. In general, DarCapital is a so-called cryptocurrency social project to help the poor. This is if according to an official legend. In fact, DarCapital is, of course, the usual scam for suckers. Why? I will explain in the continuation of today's article.

DarCapital - a divorce or not?

Well, let's start today's review of the DarCapital project of Yuri Dobrovolsky with the most standard definitions of a typical scam on the Internet. So, in short:

  • You are offered a magic program (a unique development, which is free only during testing), which will earn money for you. It is not required to think or be able to do something (in other words, you are going to pay for inaction - an excellent job);
  • Further, in order to use this program (for example, DarCapital), you definitely need to activate an account in a particular broker, that is, make your personal savings (in general, this is the meaning of any such divorce for suckers);
  • Also a “prerequisite” is the rapidly decreasing number of free places. This is a peculiar technique of pressure on fragile minds, which makes people faster, faster make decisions and not think. What do I always recommend in this situation? Wait a day or two (or rather a week) and check, believe me, there is always a free place for DarKapital scammers for you and your money.

Doesn’t resemble anything? See what I'm leading to? Not? Then let's continue. So why is Dar Capital a scam? Let's get it together. And we will consider such moments as: a lie on the DarCapital ru website, broker partners, cloning, and a few more words about stereotyping and suckers.

Lies on DarCapital ru

So, on the DarCapital fraudsters site, there is one deception all the time, starting from purchased video reviews and ending with references to the press. And if it’s almost impossible to find girls who are ready to record anything for money, then it’s very, very simple to check the credibility of the “Media about us” section. We open these sites and enter the name of our scam - DarCapital:

  • Channel One website;
  • RT news site;
  • The site of the newspaper Moskovsky Komsomolets.

As you can see, the Dar Capital project of Yuri Dobrovolsky is not mentioned anywhere. Fraudsters simply hold us for complete suckers, thinking that we will not check the information.

About brokers

By the way, note that the project Dar kapital ru is designed for people of "initial user level", in other words, not too well educated in terms of Internet use of people who will be easiest to breed. So, now about the brokers of DarCapital partners. They are the notorious brokers:

  • FTO Capital,
  • AMOTrader,
  • BiFoBroker,
  • Opteck

It is noteworthy that all partners of the Dar Capital scam are blacklist brokers. This means that you can never withdraw money back.

About cloning

At the beginning of the article, I pointed out several links to the sites of the Social Darkapital ru project. The fact is that fraudsters periodically rename their project in order to avoid negative reviews and have time to breed more suckers. So at first there was the darKapital project, then it turned into darCapital, then it can become darcapitul, etc. Or, in general, radically change the name, such cases have already happened.

About template and suckers

It was not by chance that I told you about the stereotyped nature of such scam at the beginning of this review about the Gift of Capital Yuri Dobrovolsky. The fact is that they all are “riveted” according to a single pattern “programmer-development-a lot of money-lie on the couch” and, what is most sad, each scam collects a “full stadium” of gullible suckers (those who need to explain how DarCapital works with the phrase "Why not"). What I propose, open the blacklist, scroll down a bit to the list of scam programs and start watching them, 5-10-15 videos in a row. But until she starts to feel sick. I assure you, you will be able to independently trace the stereotypedness, the identity of all these divorces ...

What is the meaning of Dar Capital scam?

Well, let me briefly tell you what the meaning of the Dar Capital scam is. So, we are offered a magic program for making money. In order to activate it, you need to put $ 350 in the account with the broker, the same amount DarCapital of Yuri Dobrovolsky supposedly "puts in your account" so that you can test the system. What is really going on? You deposit money into an account with a fraud broker, from which money cannot be withdrawn. You are credited with a bonus (yes, this is unrealistic money) and left to play with the Dar Capital program until it drains all your money (or the broker analyst may come to the rescue and help you reset the account). That's all, such a simple divorce.


That's my whole review about the DarCapital project of Yuri Dobrovolsky. In general, in fact, we have before us the usual template scam whose purpose is to “put on” more lovers of “free money”. Just in case, I repeat once again, there is no free money, the Internet is not a magic box where everyone is given out just for doing nothing, the same rules work here as in ordinary life.

In order to earn something - you need to be able to do something - to do programming, trading, design, etc. If you don’t know anything, but in all seriousness expect that someone will just pay you money - I have bad for you news, most likely soon you will be divorced for money ... Therefore, my advice to you, if you want to make money on the Internet - learn to do something. Learn programming languages, master design programs, learn the rules of the Russian language or learn the basics of trading. There is a lot of information about this about free access on the Internet (just do not buy any courses in any case). Regarding trading, I uploaded all the information for beginners, including step-by-step instructions for training, in the blog in the corresponding section for "Beginners". So, good luck to everyone! And, of course, leave your comments about the project Dar Capital in the comments.

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