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Review of OptionRobot

  • Official website: //www.optionrobot.com

In this article I want to tell you about OptionRobot com, one of the very first robots that appeared on the Russian-speaking binary options market. Frankly, I was sure that this divorce had already “safely settled down” for a long time, however, recently I have been receiving quite a lot of questions about this scam, apparently the scammers have stepped up again and started to advertise their project again. By the way, the project also has a clone - Robot Abi.

OptionRobot com - divorce or not?

Actually, in fact we have before us another classic divorce with the magic button "loot". Like, click on the button and earn. Freebie in one word. True, OptionRobot com also decided to entertain some unlucky freebie lovers a bit, added several trading systems (including martingale and Fibonacci) and as many as six indicators. You just see how many ways to drain the deposit, you can combine different systems and drain money for almost your whole life ...

Speaking seriously, with respect to the OptionRobot program, I would like to say the following (in general, it applies to all existing robots):

  • Not a single binary options broker will connect a really working robot to his platform (assuming that this is possible in principle). You do not need to think that only good benefactors are sitting in the broker who just dream of giving you money just like that. I hasten to upset all those who suffer, there is no “free" money, however, like the buttons of loot and charity on the Internet;
  • Further, excuse me, but indicators do not predict the future. Well, in general, not once, I have already spoken out on this subject in a separate article, now I will not repeat myself;
  • Real trading is not a shovel for raking in money, this is work. Which has nothing to do with pressing one or two buttons in the robot. Again, I do not want to offend anyone, but all such offers are fabulously rich, as in Option Robot com - this is an ordinary scam designed exclusively for suckers. Who believe in the magic button "loot", unicorns, charity on the Internet and a freebie;
  • And finally, always pay attention to which brokers you are offered to work with. In this robot in Option Robot, these are the basement brokers BinaryOnline, BinaryBook, BinaryMate, and the long-standing reputation of 24Option. I think that later you yourself will be able to draw conclusions.


In conclusion of the review about Option Robot com, I would like to once again repeat that any robot is exclusively an option for losing money. All these endless robots from the Quantum Systems series, OptionRobot, Secret Guard, etc. (the black list of such programs for sucker divorce is extremely long) is an ordinary scam whose purpose is to make you lose your money in favor of a broker. Well, it happened so historically that there are no freebies, nor magical methods of enrichment, in which you do not need to think, work and generally waste time. In order to really make money on binary options, you need to study, work, think in the end ... All these “simple and fast” from the Option Robot com series are an elementary scam, nothing more. For those who are ready to learn, I made a fairly large section of the blog training (all materials in it are in the public domain). To begin, I advise you to study:

  • Table of contents for beginners;
  • Instruction manual number 1;
  • And instruction number 2.

If you really want to start making money on binary options, check out the following sections of the site:

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