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Review of Auto Binary EA

  • Official website: //ru.autobinarea.com

My review today is about Auto Binary EA, a clone scam. Have you ever seen one scam copy another? Personally, if memory serves me right, I see this for the first time ... So today today the story will be about such a unique phenomenon in the scam fauna.

Auto Binary EA - Divorce or Not?

When I was just starting to watch a video of the Auto Binary EA scam, I had a clear deja vu, an inner voice told me that somewhere I had already seen it. All these stories about the statistics of millionaires, closed forums for the rich and other nonsense. And then it dawned on me - yes, this is the Swiss Guard, which was later renamed the Secret Guard. You compare these two videos, they are just real twins.

So I don’t even know if it makes sense to make a full review of Auto Binary EA, because I already made a review about this project under a different name. Yes, there are other pictures stolen from the Internet, another voice of the announcer, but the meaning is absolutely the same. I cannot but note that the authors of Auto Binary EA (I suspect that they are the same authors as the Swiss Guard) use all the same hilariously smart tricks to convince:

You look what a beauty. You can just write “not a demo”, “not a simulation”, add an exclamation mark and everyone will immediately believe it ... Honestly, I just have no words, I haven’t seen anything dumber in my life ... I don’t know what a healthy person is able to believe in AutoBinarEA (unless with certain headaches), but it's just quiet horror, how stupid.


Here is such a short review about the Auto Binary EA system; it makes no sense to talk about the same thing. I only note that the partners of this broker are PWRTrade and FTOCapital, blacklisted brokers who do not withdraw money. But you already realized that this is the calculation, right? That scammers just want to steal your money, that there are no magic programs for making money? If not, it’s better to turn off the computer and never turn it on again, you can at least save your money.

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